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I'm just wondering why the last 5 large paragraphs are written Latin.
not latin, lorem ipsum is just a place holder
From the spinning elevator, off to the left, I can see a bonfire that I haven't been able to get to. It's at the top of a tall tower. Anyone know how to get here? Can't find any information online. Thanks
There's an invisible path to it. Just walk on the air like the crystal cave from DS1.
Imagine a new player reading those comments, he'd think you guys are trolling!! :D
There is an invisible bridge that you can walk on, and from there, drop to where the bonfire is.
I was able to summon Solaire here as an NPC phantom but my friend can't. Anyone know why?
Dem cosplayers gonna become grossly incandescent
It was a player cosplaying Solaire. His armor is in the game.
I have also found a Solaire summon sign right at the foot of the big doors. It's very much people role playing as him. Seeing as he is probably the most recognizable character in the series, it shouldn't be surprising that cosplayers are common.
Coz you are playing darksouls 1? lol
I found him as well on the staircase to the left, he was definitely an NPC but didn't pop up for my second character. Maybe it has to do with how many sunlight medals you have?
I was suddenly summoned after killing this creature... when I returned, there was no loot.


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Mobs always manage to ***** me up somehow right before the almost impossible boss, forced to use estus because I'm a tank and the *****ing deacons with their fireballs, I'm not using a ranged wrapon, so I have to confront them. The silver knights are just annoying, they'd be bearable if they actually dropped their weapons instead of leggings every time lol.
ranged attacks are your best friend. lure them into coming to you and take care of them
Just roll past them?
Might want to consider having a crossbow, no shame in it after all.
Man just take your equipment off and run/roll past them..
is it me, or is the cathedral smaller then it was in ds1?
It seems to be about the same.



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It's the exact same size, it looks smaller because it's dark and covered in filth, and because the ladders to the Giant Blacksmith and to the lower area (the one with the bonfire with Solaire, bacisally) are now inaccessible :) Bathed in light, the whole area looks like it's bigger, yes
Is that for DLC or something? Can't seem to find a way back to the door
this is an area in dark souls 1, the area behind that door just leads back to the boss room
the boss here and the enemies are easy the only thing with this place that is annoying is the *****ing amount of invaders you'll get invaded by atleast 2 people every 5 minutes good *****ing luck getting anything done its *****ing cancer
Do you not realize you can just go offline while in this area if it causes you this much anguish?
Or just don't ember until you're outside the boss room.
I've never liked the invader concept of MP in DS. Every time I survive in an embered state from a boss fight, I usually spend all my souls and go on a suicide mission like trying to kill Sulyvahn's beasts or just taking a flying leap off the cliff at Firelink Shrine.

I was thinking of letting myself get invaded and wait down in the pit where Sulyvahn's beasts are. When the invader comes, I use the Seed of a Giant Tree to turn them hostile to the invader...
Lmfao, at least it's a small level. The difficulty setting is disconnecting from the Internet, restart the game in offline mode



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It's like a winter wonderland! Too bad it's shorter than it used to be, but I'm not complaining. The boss is pretty intense.
Aldrich fights like an Undertale boss, spraying endless projectiles at you and sitting back to watch.