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My fav location is back yay!
My fav creatures are back too! Black knights and silver knights along side those two archers with big *** BoWs trying to make you fall
***** those archers
I missed this place,the giant cathedral,the silver knights, but the only thing that i didnt miss was the 'brilliant' anor londo elevators. Like this comment if u agree
15 dislikes 0 likes lmao
this isnt facebook you ***.
haha xDDD sure is hard to turn a lever huh?
OMFG 645 dislikes
1 like and 38 dislikes lol some people are salty xD
A-A-Anor L-Londo... ANOR *****ING LONDO!
So we can guess this is after first game in between 2?
By logic, it's ages after Ds2, the Drang Set allures to Drangleic being a thing long forgotten, the Black Knight weapons lost their flames, Fume Greatsword not being associated with the Fume knight, an entire civillization was settle, found about the existence of Gwendolyn and somehow subdued him in order for someone to eat him, it's long past the linking of the flames in Ds2.

OR, we're looking at it the wrong way, it's not time that's passing, but the universe, the Untended Graves area made me seriously think about all the souls games happening in parallel universes, which would account on why there are references on game to things like the Storm Ruler.
That is hard to answer. Though it technically is after the second game. Fume knight greatsword is enough to show that. But because time is convoluted in the souls universe its hard to really answer.
The lore of DKS2 is terrible but Dark Souls 3 IS after 2. Drangleic seems to be in a whole other continent.
Good :D
Ahhhh, Anor Londo. So much memories. So much history. Now it lies in ruin of the once great city.
from dust you came and to dust you shall return.
Giant Blacksmith died as well :'(
Good to know the giant died but the archers live on >:(


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I had a crystal weapon made in his memory...Shiny...
They are back. Only you can't poison them like in DS1, I shot one with around 88 poison arrows and nothing happened.
Technically, you are talking about the end of Irithyll Valley, but yes it's on the side of the Anor Londo cathedral... Anyhoo, if you drop down on the last pillar where the Large titanite shard is, you are only visible to the far right Silver Knight Archer. He won't see you right away. If you have a long bow, this part is pretty easy. Overdraw your bow and hit him in the head which pushes him back a bit (hide behind the pillar after each shot). Hit him 2-3 times like that and he'll fall off the ledge and die. Then work your way up. The other archers are not facing you so hit them in the head, and hide behind a pillar. They will shoot 2-3 shots at you and then turn back. Add water, mix, repeat. The long bow is my vote for most valuable weapon in the game...
At the Anor Londo bonfire, you can draw the 2 silver knights' aggro and run them towards the spinny elevator thing. You'll notice there's a very obvious line where their aggro stops, and they start backing away slowly. Their aggro will stay off for a second or two once you run back over the line, allowing you to backstab them easily. Alternatively, you can stand in their way and hit them over the line, and they will not attack you (but their shield is up, so you need lots of stamina.) Also, you can get them to attack you, but they will stop at the line, so if you have a weapon with lots of range, you can counterattack easily. With Covetous Silver Serpent's Ring, Shield of Want, and Symbol of Avarice, they drop about 7000 souls each.
IMO, the area right past Pontiff Sulyvahn with all the Deacons and Giants is better. It's easier, and nets about 17,000 souls with the Shield of Want and the CSS Ring.
*7000 souls total.
I can vouch for this spot, it's pretty reliable. If you have at least 15 Int, you can use Hush + Hidden Body to make this grind a lot easier.



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How many souls would it be for NG+3?