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Are you sure that's right, I highly doubt this bow has a C dex scaling
Most likely base scaling. It will rise when upgraded


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Most weapons in DS3 have a C-D base scaling (only a few B i have seen so far) it`s cuz DS3 has many different infusions to raise scaling with dex str etc
I've seen the skill for this weapon, and I have to say that it is very underwhelimg. You just shoot 3 arrows at 3 different angles in front of you. Not that effective really. That being said, I have no idea what to replace it with
try it as a shotgun and you'll change your mind. its weird but this is 100% a close range bow with the skill...and it is devastating with the right arrows and upgraded. dual wield it with grass crest or arstors spear and just run around headshotting people with a triple shot.
sounds like it could be good for dealing with ganks
It takes on the attributes of the arrows used too, so, say the Dark Arrows have homing, ALL 3 arrows now home in on the target. It's actually quite nice to peg a player with 3 arrows for close to 400 dmg
Weapon upgrades to B scaling in Dex at +8
Anyone have input on which would be the better choice? At max pharis caps at 134, dragonrider hits 200. Of course pharis has better scaling but i can't decide
My dex is 40 with 31 str.. Pharis only scales with a B in dex sadly. The skill shot on it is also a little disappointing. The 13 range it has over the Dragonrider is nice and it's much lighter too.


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Tough choice. I think Black Bow will do better once you get your dex higher. It does have a longer range as well.
Try using Dark Arrows. They home whenever you're locked on, whether a single shot or the weapon skill. Makes the weapon skill actually viable.
If you have befriended the great arrow shooting giant he will now assist in killing any enemies that get near the white birch tree.


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I dont know why people down vote this, it works
Try with Dark Arrows! Triple shot with homing arrows is a beautiful sight!
How do you get the arrows to become homing?
Bow in DS series is when you suck. Sriously, D/B?!?! why do they hate bows that much?!?!