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Apparently this is the Strongest Staff in the game when not using a weapon art?
I think that is due to the stat scaling it has since besides the Archdeacon staff which the upgraded stats and scaling aren't known on the wiki, the Court Sorcerer's staff is the only one with S rank stat scaling. So a lot of damage is coming from that Int.
From what I understand, the letter rank stat scaling only effects the melee damage of staves and not spell damage.
^ 100% false. INT scaling affects the spell buff stat, which in turn strengthens spells.
look at spell buff.higher is better.
Heretics staff at +0 does more damage with me.
This thing is 100% scaling based. If your int is not 40+, it will literally be garbage. Heretic Staff is the best staff for dabblers so far, as it has a higher base adjust, but tapers off over time.
Heretic's Staff is the best staff up until a certain amount of INT. At 40 INT is still outdamages this one when both are at +10. Don't quite know where the break even point is, if there is one. Assuming there should be with the better scaling on this staff. Also haven't upgraded Crystal Sage's yet so don't know quite where that one falls.
i believe it is at 49 int. Thou with this game's augmenting returns? of stats the difference will only get larger from there on?
from personal experience, this breaks even Hereticc's Staff at 49 int at least when both is +7 (195 m.atk) and +8 (196 m.atk)
This is unequivocally the best staff - +10 at level 60 = 238 Bonus the sage bests it by about 1-3% damage but costs around 60% more to cast and needs constant buffing.
237 Spell Buff at 60 INT and +9 upgrade level. the upgrade to +10 really worth it? Just 1 point more in Spell Buff...
This is correct. But on the other hand, this staff is garbage if you don't have at least 50 Int. Until then, I think Heretic is the best staff, even if it has slightly higher stamina usage
Any reason why the steady chant buff costs twice as much as other staves? Is the buff twice as potent, or last twice as long? The description downs seem to indicate that its a stronger version other than this costing 15 FP over the normal 7.
I was fighting the mimic for the staff and he disappeared I don't think he died because I didn't get any souls and he didn't respawn when I rested at the bonfire and I can't see any item around either. Has anybody else had this?
This happened to me once at the Smouldering Lake. Wasn't an important item in the chest so I didn't think anything of it, but yeah I think mimicrys disappear forever at some point.
You aggro'd him and he moved. He's sitting somewhere else as a chest again.
is this the best staff for normal magic?
is this the best staff for magic?
at 60 int with staedy chant
court sorcerer staff damage taken by crystal souls spear is 890 with steady chant and two sorcerer rings
and sage crystal staff take 913 with same settings

at 60 int normal spells
court sorcerer staff damage with above settings is 816
and sage crystal staff with above settings do 699
so overall Court Sorcerer Staff is best staff.
For normal sorceries, yes