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By Anonymous
Only makes you take more damage, specifically twice the damage if the effect is the same as the first game, it's for the hardcore players who think the game is too easy, or are masochist
By Anonymous
You grow chest hair everywhere. Even on your face. It puts chest hair on your chest hair.
By Anonymous
Just increases damage taken. More of a "challenge run thing" takes damage absorption to -100.00 for everything before factoring in armor and rings
By Anonymous
It show who of the bare fist build lvl 1 Deprived diffrence between men and boys.
By Anonymous
Your ***** doubles in size after beating the game with it equipped.
By Anonymous
Also the increased budget on new controllers after many rage losses.
By Anonymous
Why can't they put this ring at the beginning of the game? Makes no sense that you can only access to the "hard mode" near the end of the game
By Anonymous
I guess it's to use in NG+, to make sure that it will be harder for you once you defeated all the challenges.
By MrMegaFluffy
Well, the player could get this ring on NG+ from a DLC area Dragon in Dark Souls, so, kinda makes sense that they affiliate it with dragons in this game as well.And, well, Archdragon Peak is a pretty late game location.Aaaaand, since NG+ is the easiest NG cycle in the game (Because you've leveled up your character a lot and most likely have gotten at least one fully upgraded weapon at the end of NG) it makes sense that you'd equip this ring on NG+ rather than NG
By Ephemerality
Someone should play through the whole game in new game plus just to see if this does anything. I'm too busy atm...
By Anonymous
really i swear no one gonna wear this ring on PvP game
By Anonymous
Some people like to challenge themselves.
By Anonymous
for the true masochist among the masochists
By Anonymous
it has no effect on fall damage
By Anonymous
I used it in ds1 because of the cool glowing eye effect above your head.
By Anonymous
I haven't noticed any visual effects. Needs to be one tho
By Anonymous
Wtf is the point?
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