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I imagine this staff would be funny with the spells Farron Dart and Farron Flashsword along with a Sage's Ring, though probably not all that effective.
Does **NOT** stack with the Sage's Ring and has a considerably lower "Casting Buff" attribute than the Heretic's Staff you find hours earlier. I tested spell casting times using a stopwatch and Great Heavy Soul Arrow.

With 18 dexterity and the Sage's Ring AND/or the Witchtree Branch equipped it casts in 1.6s. Without either equipped, it casts in 2.1s.

Problem is: My Heretic's Staff +5 has a spell buff of ***155**** whilst the Witchtree Branch +5 has a spell buff of only ***129*** This equates to roughly a difference 100 damage per castt of Great Heavy Soul Arrow.

It would be cool to see a comparison of casting times between this and court sorcerer staff.

I can't help but wonder if there are hidden casting speed modifiers for dex on the different staves
Well, had tested it, roughty. Character has 12 dex, sage ring, - no difference what so ever. With great heavy soul arrow - from moment of start casting to the end - 2 sec, steady, no matter which staff is it atm.
there is close to no effect because you hit the hard cap, 50 dex. Try it without the sage ring and youll see much more of a difference
Why does this staff seem completely pointless? Am I missing something? Thr scaling is worse than the starter.
It says its purpose in the description. It casts faster than other catalysts. If one is planning to only use non-offensive utility sorceries, then this is probably the best staff.
You either wield this or the Saint Tree Bellvine, I prefer Bellvine since it's weight is 0.5 while this branch is 2.0.. this would go great on the left hand and the right hand a main staff...

And yes it works for all spells. You can test this yourself if a Faith user, like Wrath of the Gods or Lightning Stake to see the difference 1 or 0.5 seconds makes! Also spells like Heavy Arrow or Farron Dart... Fireball and Great Combustion or Black Flame, especially for these Pyromancy spells.
To buff cast speed of catalyst in opposite hand and to cast spells that do not depend on spell buff (spook, hidden body, snap freeze, etc.)
Like someone else mentioned, it may only be feasible for utility casting. (Even though the speed increase is almost next to nothing). The spell buff on this weapon is just terrible.
yeah, it's a little niche but so are other items in the game
I have 23 intelligence and 25 dexterity and for casting great heavy soul arrow this staff does it in about two seconds and the heretic staff does it in 3. Given how many fast enemies there are in this game I chose speed over damage. Things might change actually if other staves have far more damage.
Just use the Sage Ring (at 20 dex with Newgame Sage Ring, you hit cap for casting speed), or use a strong staff in your main hand while holding this staff in your off hand for the speed buff.
It's easy enough to say that having both the ring and staff would waste stats, but by my math you'd be saving about 8 stat points in NG. Hard to say if it's worth it, but speed is pretty valuable, although its a shame most of the fast bosses are before Irithyll. I have no idea what the returns are on intelligence, but 8 points might be worthwhile damage. Of course, if you need those 8 points you'd probably just use a different staff...... I DIGRESS. Probably situational, or more suited to a duelist PvP build.
The difference those 8 points will make is minor. However, the sage's ring +1 gives 35 virtual dexterity and the +2 version gives +40, so if you were really wanting them you just need to get the upgraded rings.

As mentioned though, it's better for utility casting. I like using this on my stealth build where I buff with spook, hidden body, and such. Don't need spell power for those, so the added casting speed from this staff is very handy and doesn't require me to use a ring slot.
Are you serious. You only need 10 dex to reach the 50 dex cap with this or sage ring +2 why would you use both?
This staff does not increase Virtual Dexterity. It's another game lie
yes it does. the spell cast speed isn't that much faster, only a just noticable amount for most spells
also, there's a hard cap on spell speed buff that's surprisingly easy to hit. if you have even 30 dex then equipping this staff is either barely anything or nothing at all.


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The speed buff boosts the catalyst in the opposite hand. So enjoy Court Sorcerer Staves with the speed of the witchtree without the need for dex investment or a sage ring.
Well, at least you can't hold the spell-boosting dagger too
What about when we offhand a Scholar's Candlestick for a extra 12.5% damage boost in sorceries? Remember that damage buffs for magic and sorceries stack multiplicatively.
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