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I love the way it looks but is it even useable?
It might not hit as hard as some of the other greathammers but it's also considerably lighter and uses a bit less stamina. The requirements to wield it are also quite low so it's a great weapon to invest in early.
I'm with you. I really want to use this weapon when I can but I hope it doesn't have the Large Club moveset. That would be awkward for this weapon.
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Good weight for alright damage. If it can be heavy infused then thats even better.
Thank you.
For what it looks like, it seems really good. Thats 6 points
It can indeed be heavy infused
How hard is this to find? I have 28 luck and have been farming this one mallet dude for hours and still nothing! (backtrack from dilapitated bridge bonfire through the house, there will be one mallet dude walking backwards. Been killing him, then dropping to the bonfire below and repeating)
I dont care If I have to have 65 luck, ill keep doing this. ill just respec with rosaria after I get it.
Anything under 100 luck is really not gunna cut it. You gotta hit that benchmark before your chances actually improv
e. They further improve every 10 points after that.
just got it after making that last post lol
I got this by luck when the giant fired an arrow, killing the hammer dude. The spin attack is amazing in pvp, especially if you have a shield that has the r2 that allows you to use your special attack. It catches people off guard.
well i guess this is the closest thing to a hammer i want that will be in the game so time to go to work
The damage is just abysmal. 103 base for a greathammer, and it doesn't get particularly impressive scaling. I don't know what the point of this weapon is. It's even quite hard to find, being something like a 5% drop off the mallet hollows which are fairly uncommon themselves. Altogether garbage weapon.
I think it's because the strength rating is rather low at 18.

I don't use great hammers, but this one is particularly useful if I just need something to break poise and slam baddies to the ground. Not a lot of damage, but when they can't get up, it works well.

It's also not that rare. I have two of them and I never farmed for it.



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Does this thing even freaking exist? I can never find it after killing SO MANY of the hammer wielding enemie
Its beter to believe this thing doesn't exist lol.
have to say its damage is extremely sad, looking at it as it was +0 i noticed it was really light for its weapon class and had the spin skill so thought id max it, turns out its complete trash damage(Heavy +10 at 40 strength its at 190+165 -365- ) weaker than straightswords and other light weapons



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Does less damage than a straight sword, has "great" weapon style slow startup and then they nerf the r1 l2 r2 from connecting in one of the patches. Pathetic, why is this weapon even in the game?
Have fun getting pwned.



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Why is Broken Straight sword in the game?

Why is the Loincloth in the game?

Why are the Master's armor thingy things in the game?

Why is the plank shield in the game?

Because not everything needs to super strong like the mainstream Straight Swords. Some people (such as me) just like to have fun.
Loincloth and master's armor are great if you're trying to stay under 30% equip. Just sayin.