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Actually it looks pretty good.
Yea I'm definitely gonna be rocking this one for a while.
This is probably the closest -so far- to looking like the heide knight. I'll use it and pretend its the brother of the heide knights XD
Despite looking nice, this set is pretty much discount Heide Knight set. They seriously should have bought the Heide Knight set back.
Which amor do u think looks better for fashion souls, this one or the fallen knight set (i think that's what it's called).
definitely this one. fallen knight looks too tryhard evil, if you ask me. but it all comes down to personal taste
Crusader cosplay best play
If i used the Cathedral Knight Set and the Greatlance how much Vit-roughly- would i need to roll properly?
just add the weight together, multiply by 100, then divide by 70. That will tell you how much vitality you need.
Roughly 30
And where to get it eh?
I just got it and the chainmail around the upper arm is incredibly long and flails all over the place along with a ton of clipping, and just doesn't look like it's intended to be that way. Very out of place.
Anyone else have the same thing?
Yea, I guess it's too big for us normal sized people.
I saw a guy walking around with a blue version without the tassels. Where can we find that?
"A guy" as in an NPC or a player? Because there are some Cathedral Knights later on (in Lothric Castle) with blue instead of red, but to my knowledge, that's an NPC-exclusive armour, sorta like the *SPOILER* Dragonslayer Armour boss armour.
How long did it take to farm this set because I'm getting only helms nothing else
Where are you getting helms? I have everything but the helm.