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By Anonymous
Wow, remember when this weapon was super cool in DS1 due to high DPS and the super useful bleed aux? Wow, remember when this weapon was super cool in DS2 due to the busted instant parry in off-hand? WOW, ISN´T IT AMAZING HOW BAD THIS WEAPON SUCKS NOW?
By Anonymous
Name's longer than the weapon itself.
By Anonymous
I wish this weapon was as good as it was in DS1, it's still a decent weapon but I feel like it was super good in DS1
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
As a PGCS main I can indeed confirm: Banana.
By Anonymous
1.5 weight.. Infuse sharp and 2-hand it with OWCS, Pontiff's Right Eye and cast Carthus Beacon or Power Within.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
OWCS = Old Wolf Curved Sword
By Anonymous
I finished DS1 "cosplaying" as Painting Guardian - used their armor set, used 2 of their swords, target shield and throwing knives. And just want to be sure - to get second PGCS I must start NG+?
By Anonymous
if you're on pc you don't have to bother going to NG+ use a modcalled honestmerchant andyou'll get the sword andanything you want from that mod
By Anonymous
Will check it out. Thanks
By Anonymous
This is the sword you would assume most fools would use. But then you realize those fools that use it actually know how to use it. And you should fear those fools more than any other fool.
By Anonymous
It has S scaling on dex at sharp+3
By Anonymous
This things scabbard makes no sense
By Anonymous
Because it sheaths from above not the front like a normal sword
By Anonymous
Actually, it does, the back needs to be open to sheathe it because it widens towards the tip, many real world machetes have similar sheathes
By Anonymous
I thought the same thing and was impressed to see the designer did think of this, the sheath is open on the top.
By Anonymous
this thing would be delicious for a sorcery build
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