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By DeckardPain
1. Travel to the Anor Londo bonfire.2. Turn around and make sure the lift is up. If it's not, bring it up. If it is, go to step 3.3. Walk down to the bottom of the stairs on the lift.4. As soon as you hit the bottom you will see a bridge (part of the platform) leading to the right.5. Walk out onto it.6. Walk further off it.7. Trust me. Use a prism stone if you don't.8. Walk.9. You will see a tower and bonfire off in the near distance.10. Walk out until you're next to the bonfire and roll / jump down to it.11. Walk inside the tower and look down.12. Make your way down the tower. There are 2 corpses with loot on it. One has the armor and one has the sword.
By Anonymous
Extremely quick and uses very little stamina to attack, That said the range is pitiful. It feels lower than the previous iterations, even. The bleed is nice. Very good weapon to use for weapon enchants due to the speed and stamina use if you are okay with being right next to the enemy.
By Anonymous
it sucks. shortest range and damage of all curved swords and no extra speed. its like the broken sword of cruved swords
By Anonymous
Perfect LH weapon for stave / chime wielders.
By Anonymous
Idiot the stave goes in the left hand as you can then use the weapon art for extra damage without two handing it.
By Anonymous
any bonus parry frames? xD
By Anonymous
seems to have the instant parry like in DS2 again.i was so hoping that they would drop that, insta parry is stupid and unbalanced.
By Funpire
Buckler: 8 frame parry, 31 frame recovery, more parry rangeSword: 8 frame parry, 27 frame recovery, less parry range
By Funpire
The Buckler parries at greater distance and seemingly just as fast. So it appears, if it has any advantages it comes in at extremely short parry range. I'll get my video software installed in a bit and see if I can get frame data to be sure, but I don't see the DS2 issue so far.
By Anonymous
i mean this thing isnt even a weapon its only real use is a parry tool
By Anonymous
Well... I guess From never liked fair PvP anyway...
By Anonymous
Just killed a dude using this abomination. It is easy to bait out parries if the enemy is stupid, but this is going to be a pain to fight if the player is skilled.
By Anonymous
I can't get a parry off on this thing for as long as I live.
By Anonymous
This banana better not have the same nasty parry frames it did in Dark souls 2... Criticals/parries are to be earned after all, not given out for free like it's a *****ing charity. :p
By Anonymous
it has ***** parry frames in ds3
By Anonymous
With Dark Souls 3 and it's small shields, parries already are being given out.
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