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By Anonymous
yes, otherwise it's just slightly better than a broken sword
By Anonymous
The return of Blue Blood?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I felt so bad killing her especially what she says as she dies I feel like a terrible
By Anonymous
what does she say whe she dies?
By Anonymous
Yeah but the upside is we both now have an amazing sword sooooooo.... yeah i regret nothing I'll do her ending eventually.
By Anonymous
make a female character, then anri is male - no bad feelings anymore.
By Anonymous
i found it on the high wall
By Anonymous
you found aster's straight sword. its different.
By Anonymous
Astoras Straight sword* i think you meant
By Anonymous
So is from sayin that we are super lucky if we beat their games here? XD
By Anonymous
The sword has the blessed effect for all intents and purposes, it heals and it kills skeletons 100% dead. But at the same time, it only heals by 2 per tick not 3 like a blessed longsowrd would. Not complaining, I love this weapon, the luck scaling is a good excuse to get luck up plus the heal and faith, str, and sex scaling albeit minor male this sword one of the best in the end.
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By Callyste
Ok, sex scaling, now I gotta get this weapon
By Anonymous
Sex scaling? Wat
By Anonymous
Sex scaling. I need to start investing into that more
By Anonymous
Does this weapon give you the plus 5 bonus to luck like a hollow weapon would? If so how can you tell?
By Anonymous
The bonus to luck is added when you reach a certain number of dark sigils. If you can find out how many sigils it takes to get the luck boost, you should see the AR go up by at least 5 points when you past that threshold. You'd have to look up those thresholds, but I think 99 dark sigils gives 15 effective luck. You might also be able to add up the scaling based on your stats, but it'd be tricky.
By Anonymous
By stewart0
At +5 with 40 str/dex/luck and 10 faith has 468 AR... can gain another 58 AR if luck is maxed, and another 20 AR if faith is taken to 40.
By Anonymous
Does that mean the contributions from str+dex are less than 100 ar for 60 stat points?
By Anonymous
If you get unlucky like me and Anri dies just as the boss does talk to Ludleth (the boss soul guy) and he will give you the sword.
By Anonymous
Talking to Ludieth is how you always get the sword after that fight.
By Anonymous
base damage for +3 is 163/ str= D / dex= D / faith= E
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