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Unless they patched it and I would be elated.
It's more tolerable and works well with unfaltering prayer.
60 now.
Does this do meaningful dmg at high levels?
Most players I get about 900 damage at a distance and over 1400 at melee range. I call it the dark sword spam punisher.
Is this worth it
No, useless and *****ty
Certainly. Like anything else in Dark Souls, it simply demands practice.
i regret completeing the whole game just for making a cleric with this spell, you can only hit freezed dolls only, but you'll never hit somthing moves.

Wasted my time..
Ummm maybe if you have sorry faith I do over 2300 damage to enemies at close range. And I use wolf ring and unfaltering prayer to one shot most in pvp.
just go to rosarias and readjust your stats :P
Completly useless spell, you can't hit anything if its not static (even then it will just go thrugh)
If you spam it then your deserve to fail.
So this is a pretty good spell for pve but like most offensive miracles, it's pretty garbage in pvp.


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so how high should i increase my faith? is it worth taking it all the way to 99?
Soft cap is 60, so anything after that you will find only little damage increase. If you are aiming high lvl, then 60 and rest to HP or w
snap, I can't edit.. lol but I meant to say, if high lvl then 60 if low lvl then 40. You can't rely on offensive miracles as they are risky in DS3 (PvP at least). Good luck.
^coments above are true, for pvp try to grab a weapon with faith art (swordspear is hard to dodge in pvp and obliterates, goes well with clutchring,too)
Does this do Lightning or Fire damage?
No, the bolt of lightning deals dark damage.
Hitting something/somebody with this spell in melee range (@60 faith & +10 Talisman) simply obliterates the poor sob. Did about 2100 damage to the Lothric Knight at the Lothric Castle Bonfire on NG+. Did oneshot several people in PvP (great after a parry)... amazing spell. If one has the FP for it, that is.