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What is it?
Yep, a demon's souls reference in both name and ability. Well played.
Who would dislike this? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?
storm king your soul transcends and is back to us



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Revel is defined as "to enjoy oneself in a lively and noisy way, especially with drinking and dancing."

So the description means: The church's blessing makes the weapon ENJOY the agony of its owner.
Not a spelling error, the weapon takes joy in hurting people.

What did you think it was supposed to mean?
I'm guessing he meant reveal, but that makes no sense in the terms of the description. XD
Revel means to celebrate
Is it worth it to get or should i marry anri?
See the fuss about Irithyll Straight Sword? This one's as good however it also has the damage bonus effect and a bleed that can proc sometimes (unlike the frostbite).
Got orbeks ashes but can't give them to her?
Orbeck needs to be in fire link and Yuria must tell you to kill him before you can give her his ashes.
Don't marry Anri if you still want this sword, find Orbeck first then ask Yuria for the mission to assassinate. If you do this after marrying Anri or maybe even after the catacombs you would not be able to do this. Good luck, friends.
Dang, don't know why it didn't work for me then, sorry for being wrong.
Not true, did this after lothric castle, way after marrying.
the upgrade table doesn't seemt to make sense. y would a weapon that reqs more dex to use scale better with str.
because its FromSoftware. everyone knows FromSoft doesn't make good decisions.
i have one at +4 and ingame it says C scaling with Strenght and D scaling for Dex.
Can someone be so kind and tell me the AR of the Morion Blade on a 40/40 on +5
397 AR 40/40 +5