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So *****ing op
A spell parry shield is better, or just roll.


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Purchased from Orbeck of Carim after giving him the Golden Scroll.
But Solaire of Catarina is cool too...
You think those guys are cool? You have clearly never heard of ludleth of the great swamp
Orbeck of Carim is a cool dude, but not as cool as Siegward of Vinheim
it wont reflect sorceries back at the caster, it will just pretty much nullify them if you time this spell right.
In order words, just *****ing roll instead.
Ooorrrr use a spell parry shield which has an identical animation, last about as long and costs no focus, youre more right than you know... f this spell
Despite this spell does not make your duels easier it does make them more beatiful.
lol, fashion souls for mages? since they can't take off that crown of dusk they'll have to compensate with a pretty spell : )
Im not wearing that
I do enough damage without it, I don't wanna look stupid while one shotting people
you don't need that crown if youI are a deep magemage like me.


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For when your roll button is broken as a caster against a caster.
or when you don't have time to pull the button out of your controller that ended up there during a duel BECAUSE you're a caster. ; ) if that's worded weirdly, i'm saying that mages roll more often.
reminds me of the silver pendent's use when fighting manus. Manus's AOE dark beads always crushes me, until i found out about the pendent. This works the same way i suppose, a boss has an AOE spell you cant or have a hard time dodging? cast this and dont.
As most spells are quite easy to dodge, casting this in a duel might be less useful.
In other words, Crystal soul spear, and maybe soul stream? It's like cast light. Use it for one part of the game, and swap it because you don't have enough attunement slots. I even stopped using cast light, because, you could just go invisible, mask your sounds, and run pass everything.
I was able to reliably block Crystal Soul Spears, but Soul Stream I would assume you cannot.
i imagine it'd deflect crystal soul spear, but i'm not sure about soul stream since soul stream hits multiple times.
I remember testing it with friends and SS does not get blocked by TWL. I can't say if it reduced damage or something tho



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This spell comes in pretty handy vs Aldrich, took me a couple of attempts to practice the timing, but one you got it down it nullifies his arrow rain spell.
it seems that if you use vow of silence to nullify all magic he is a walk in the park.
...Or you could just use the tried and true magic counter: rolling and/or stepping two feet to the side
theres a counter to this tactic:

Or you could use this, no one suspects there Crystal Soul Spear to fly back at them