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Do you have to take Herald White ? Or its for all class?
All classes, you just need to meet the requirements.
Starting class doesn't matter for what you can and can't use, it just gets your stats started on the right course for what you ultimately want to use. To use a spell, weapon, shield, armor etc. all you need is the stat requirement.
At 25 faith and a +3 chime (starter chime for Clerics), it does a whopping 80 damage to most enemies.

...Considering the point in the game where you GET the spell, it will have already been completely overpowered by most sorcery and even pyromancy's Fireball.

I've tried the spell on enemies in water as well as skeletons, hoping maybe they would be weaker to the spell, but there is no such luck.
Why even have this spell in the game any more, the damage is just so bad compared to the FP cost you might as well never use it. Seriously, I rushed this on my faith character after Vordt and at 22 faith it hits barely harder than my unupgraded astora's straight sword.
At times it seems a lightning bolt comes from the sky and it does double damage can anyone confirm why?
It means you hit close range with gives it extra damage.
I've always played through each game as a straith build. After seeing how terrible the damage is, and needing 20 faith and the FP cost? Nope. Guess its time to break my trend.

You probably suck if thats how you play the game...
To aggro something you use the spear. to kill someting you use your str weapon. Do I have to explain how you jump or backstab,too? Is that at least clear?
to be an offensive miracle caster you'll want to equip a talisman (preferably canvas talisman for it's GREAT balance between damage and amount of poise granted when using weapon arte to poise through attacks while casting), morne's ring and maybe lloyd's sword ring for max damage early game. use the talisman to get RIGHT on your opponent (significant damage increase when close up), then cast your offensive miracle (lightning spear in farron keep early game. lightning stake from sand worm in catacombs if you want as well, it's relatively early) as they're about to attack you so they can't dodge out of your spell. trade blows. if two enemies are close enough, you'll hit the second guy with a small aoe as well. at lv 46 (started as herald class and brought vgr/vit/fth/atn to 20/20/20/20) i hit 193 up close with my +3 canvas talisman (most people early/mid game don't have more than 1000 hp since they all dump their stats into offense), so about 1/5 their hp per hit and unavoidable if done while they're attcking.
is the faith build really not worth it?
faith is worth putting into if u put a lightning gem in ur wep, is scales well
Starting out a faith build, it's shaky at best. Your only benefits are high luck and access to alternative healing methods. But for the most part, Faith is only good for a small handful of weapon early, and all the super fun spells requiring faith are obtained much much later in the game.

Invest in combat stats like str and dex at the start of the game. If you want combat magic, pyromancy has some faith+int stuff, otherwise sorcery is the way to go.

Combat miracles don't seem to exist for quite some time into the game, and the ones you do get earlier are underwhelming or have ridiculously high requirements (I'm looking at you, Lightning Stake!).

I would recommend starting as a pyromancer and collecting all the miracles in that run. Then, respec with Rosaria for ng+. Boom, fully powered faith build, ready for action.
if you don't just rely on miracles to kill something like some other hollows here and use a weapon from time to time I see no problems.
The faith build is definitely worth it, people are only complaining about damage because they aren't playing the offensive caster right. what you NEED to do is: 1st, i started as the herald class and chose fire gem as my burial gift to infuse my spear with fire, but you can do this on any class, infusing with fire can be done right off the bat and will give you enough damage to get through all early game areas without having to even upgrade your spear (i've made it through even the cathedral with my spear unupgraded). as soon as you get morne's ring (right before halfway fortress bonfire in road of sacrifices), equip it. get the canvas talisman by getting the paladin's ashes from RIGHT next to the first bonfire in the cathedral of the deep area and giving the ashes to the handmaid so you can buy the talisman. get lightning spear from farron keep asap. cast as the enemy attacks for pretty good damage guaranteed to hit since they can't dodge while attacking. stats are up to you, but i went 20/20 vgr/vit 1st, then 20/20 fth/atn.
i went 20/20 vgr/vit first to be more tanky as that's the point of the offensive miracle caster in dark souls 3, you want to be able to take hits and trade blows for higher damage, which is why most offensive miracles do more ( a lot more) damage up close and talismans allow us to poise through attacks to hit up close. 20/20 fth/atn for obvious reasons. i'm level 46 with a +3 canvas talisman and can hit 193 up close per lightning spear, keep in mind that most people early/mid game don't have much higher than 1000 hp (if they even have 1000 hp with everyone dumping all their stats into offense), so i do 1/5 of their hp each hit and each hit is guaranteed. i have the fire infused spear to attack as well and the vit allows for some good armor to be equipped and an additional weapon to be equipped as well ( i have deep axe on too). the vit also increases flat defense making quick weapons hit less, absorption is better for "ultra" weapons (which is mitigated by the better armor).
Even with a +6 chime and Faith as my highest stat it does a little more than one normal swing from a completely non-leveled weapon.
At 25 faith with a +4 canvas talisman and Mornes ring I do 237 avg at the far range and over 500 point plank. Almost every parry follow it up its hard to evade.
^ Now compare that to Fire Orb or Great Heavy Soul Arrow, which can be cast twice for around the same FP, and you'll see why its complete butt. If you have to hug their nuts to get the point-blank bonus, you're better off saving the FP and swinging twice in the same amount of time.
Absolute garbage miracle, does significantly less damage than heavy soul arrow
thank FromSoft. They always make the worst choices and don't know how to balance things.
Great lightning Spear would be on the same levl as heavy soul arrow. Learn the game then come back talking more nonsense.
What's nonsense is the fact that you have to trade 30 sunlight medals for what is the equivilant of a heavy soul arrow
Well, duh. It is the tier 1 offensive miracle. Keep in mind, miracles are more or less centered on cooperation, what with all the aoe buffs. It should be compared with soul arrow, and the heavy soul arrow with great lightning spear. Lightning stake and greart heavy soul arrow, crystal soul spear with sunlight spear. Sorcery does too much damage anyhow, it needs to be a bit lower. Also, tons of extra damage close range.



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is it me or is a faithbuild pure bullsh*t? my ligthningspears do like no damage
sunlight spear hits like a truck
try not just having the minimum requirements for the spells and then complain about the dmg
@anon from 5/3/16: try not to leave useless posts like that which do nothing but hurt the person who commented without actually having helped them. @pho3nixslay3r: if you want higher damage equip the ring of the sun's first born, morne's ring, maybe lloyd's sword ring (especially if you make use of hp regen stacking) and equip a talisman (canvas talisman is best because of it's GREAT balance between damage and poise given when using unfaltering prayer arte) to make use of the impressive damage increase sustained when casting at point blank range (get in people's face and cast AS they start to attack or a little before if using sword ring so they can't dodge and you get full damage on them).
Faithbuilds are really good. Probably the best for pve even. Just not lightning spear, that thing is weak. But the later miracles, like sunlight spear, lightning stake and even lightning storm are all pretty good. Of course, you also need your faith to be high so you can deal actual damage.