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Soooo Embers arnt tradable? if we needed them. just give us the Drop system from Dark Souls 1 where you can get anything from people.
they are tradeable.
Unless the last patch fixed it, Embers were definitely tradeable.
I hate that you can no longer trade upgrade items. DS1 trade system was really good, since it allowed you to drop everything and instantly see it on the ground.
DS2's (at least on ps3) was... meh. Even if you dropped something, the other player wouldn't be able to see it for at least 2 mins. Plus you couldn't trade upgrade materials.
And now it comes up that you can't still trade upgrade materials, but neither you can trade upgraded gear?
Wow, gg fromsoft. It totally looks like they don't *****ing get what a "progress" is.
they do that so level 13's don't have zwihander +10 and maxed out armor. as for the lag time for ps3, that was cancer, and they cured it
yes cause we want more op people at the start of the game invading
Not being able to see upgraded items unless you've achieved that level of upgrade sounds *****ing amazing if that's how it works. Finally might be able to get a few of my friends to play again.
So if my character has a +10 weapon can my friend trade me any +10 weapon?
I will trade a Wolf Knight's Greatsword for a Farron's Greatsword. If you do not want the Wolf Knight Greatsword we can work out a deal for something else. I will trade pretty much anything for it.
Is it fully upgraded?
Hey, I'd be willing to do that, I'm on PC, lvl 100+, My Farron's Greatsword is already upgrade on +2, I don't care if yours isn't upgraded, would you like to trade?
I'd like the Old Wolf Curved Sword if you have it.
Id be down for that. Got playstation?
My steam username is Rhoen- in game character is rhoen, profile picture is a black and white face shot of gutts.
Is it possible to trade sorcery?
I don't think so...