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At the bonfire before the gate to the next area. Outside the building i found wolfring +1.
No, you're not specific enough. What is the nearest bonfire location, where do you go from there?
which bonefire? right after Ludex the first time? at begining of game?
You go to the keep ruins bonfire and it is literally touching the wall of the building the bonfire is in.


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at the area with the ground below the game´s skybox? outside that one building after those enemies? am i specific enough?
I was told that poise didnt really exist in ds3. only hyper armor. Is this true?


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appears that it actually improves recovery in III, not 100% sure but that's what it looks like.
How do poise work in DSIII exacly?
I believe it contributes to the players resistance to stagger effects.
It doesnt work at all. Poise is turned off currently. Which means there is a ring with 3 versions, all 3 being completely useless.
both of those posts are incorrect. They have revamped the poise in patch 1.08, and there is a very intricate way that it works. It is explained very well in a youtube video. look it up. What it essentially boils down to is, knowing what weapons will break your poise frames, how much poise damage each weapon does, how much poise health each weapon grants on it's 2hr1 attacks, and knowing how much poise health you have remaining. It allows you to know when you can and cannot swing through an attack without interrupition. The poise in this game really makes for heavy weapon users to play much more aggressivly as their weapons will grant more poise than others, as well as doing more poise damage than smaller weapons. It's why greatswords are really the kings of pvp right now when you look at it.
The ring (normal version) is not in the chest beside the chest containing Smough's hammer; that's the Leo Ring (they look similar).
That nerf tho
Wolf Ring +0: 12.5 - 12.5*(100 - basePoise)
There is no formula. It just adds a base amount of poise.
Sorry, misplaced a decimal point:
12.5 - 0.125*(100 - basePoise)
I honestly cannot find the +2 ring... What door?
Nvm I was at the second Gundyr. It's at the first one.
Pretty much useless since poise does nothing in this game.
Poise is nonexistent!