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Obvious Reference to Executioner Miralda from Demon's Souls
233, how blind are you? This is almost exactly the same as her weapon. It is 100% a reference to Demons Souls. The image you linked is a terrible angle to compare the two. Why are you so dead set to deny the similarities? There are TONS of Demons Souls references in this game, so how would this not be one of them?

I am disappointed that we don't get a true replica, but twin versions will do for me.
Except not at all. Other than it being labeled as an executioners weapon, there is NOTHING that links this as a reference to her.
Not really as similar as you put it. Miralda's axe tapers drastically towards the handle, while the Winged Knights' twinaxes are roughly triangular in shape.
Well, it also looks exactly like Miralda's weapon so it certainly seems like a reference.

Barely even looks like it, if at all.
Which ones are the golden winged Knights? I would like to farm this wep
there are a few of them in lothric castle, don't even need to go further to grand archies. if they attack you with those weapons, they can drop em too
you don't need gold ones. you need the ones carrying the twinaxes
The crazy *** ones after the gank trio in the great grand archives.
similar to dancers enchanted swords, as long as you got stamina you can spin forever by pressing heavy attack after starting with weapon skill once
uses considerably more stamina when used without FP
Used them as soon as i got them for the rest of my first playthrough. Refined ones 40/40 - 429
I have not got this to drop at all from the knight on top of lothric castle, killed him at least 20 times using CGSR and crystal sage rapier.
Got it very first one I killed.
Drops from the Knight near the Lothric Castle bonfire. The one that drops down from the platform above. You can lead him back to an open area near the bonfire.
at + 10 with refined infusion and darkmoon blade it got 635 AR and hits 900 with the L1
Dmg with 66Strength?


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Its a very straightforward, hard hitting dual wield weapon with a no-nonsense moveset and a spin L2 move that's actually useful. Gotta think in terms of short burst damage as its L1 and R1 combos mixed up can be on the slow side and easily telegraphed if someone gets too carried away, but in short bursts it delivers good damage. Its rolling L1 and R1>L1>R1>L1 combo are quite good.

The Winged knight you get these off of can be safely and reliably (if not completely guaranteed to not take a lot of time), if you skip ahead to Lothric Castle via the Dancer (one way or another) early game. If you lure the Winged Knight back to the Bonfire nearby and sprint away back up the staircase towards where you first encounter it, its AI has this habit of just standing in the bonfire room or near it, often in a way thats easy to sneak up and deliver a backstab, running back up the stairs and out of its sight range immediately after before it gets up rinse repeat. It might take a while, but its doable especially with the dark axe you get early at High Wall. Start out with Rusted Coins to increase your chances.
Can somebody tell what exactly has been changed in patch 1.04? Only read that they were changed in the patch notes...