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3rd bonfire not 4th
Stay away from it. It doesn't have the speed, versatility or DPS of a sword, nor does it have the range necessary for a spear to actually be useful. If you like the idea of the weapon-art, don't bother, the wind-up is too long, the damage is minuscule, and it doesn't even stagger so you can get hit by everything and their mother while you're performing your "dance".

Such a letdown.
Staggers people and enemies well for me. Even heavies. The only people it doesn't stagger are tanks. Great damage. Good follow ups. Easy to combibe movesets. Great in terms of spesr.
Get gud.
Really liking this in PvE. The moveset is versatile and the range is often useful. It's a tactical weapon rather than a DPS stick, useful to defense-minded players who like versatility and battlefield control more than they like overpowering force. I'd call this a solidly B tier weapon: overall weaker than straight swords, but still effective, robust and interesting.
I agree on most part's, it IS fun to use and is quite versatile however i find its highly lacking in damage, Its really discouraging when it takes you like 5 or 6 hits to kill one enemy and then some dude with a great sword comes over and kills it in 1 to 2 hit's, I find its just far to slow for such little damage which is disappointing because i loved the Partizan in the other game's.
The weapon art is extremely weak. Damage comparable to a single dagger strike. The pathetic damage on the weapon art makes it more of a gimick than a viable attack.


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Absolutely amazing moveset, though damage is average at best but any more and it'd be really overpowered. It has a near perfect mix of straightforward pokes and slashes and having that do top tier damage too would make this easily the new Santier's Spear.

I definitely want to dedicate a build to using it or Yorshka's.
Dont use yorshkas
With a good balance of pokes and sweeps, this weapon covers multiple situations that other spears would die for. The weapon art definitely needs a little bit more damage applied to it, but not so much that people will want to spam it. It even has hyper armor too! If the weapon had maybe twenty or thirty more physical damage, then it could be a really popular weapon due to the general quickness of its pokes and wide sweeping heavy attacks. I recommend anyone trying spears out to get this weapon because I can pretty much guarantee you that it will be one of your favorite weapons; it's one of mine and I'm almost done with NG+.
@atskadan i believe Quality is the only good idea for spears. they are weak from nature, so try to push them up. Only useful for attack speed of the lenght
@ atskadan

I do use quality, although I don't have the ability to go online (which is why my character is "overleveled". I just want to be able to use any weapon at whim's notice and for future testing). With what I have right now, 40 strength, 35 dexterity, I get an AR of I think 401 with a refined version of the Partizan. All of the other infusions are not worth the attack deduction for a weapon that doesn't deal a whole lot of damage in the first place, which is why I suggested that FROM increase the damage of this weapon by 20 or 30 in order for it to appear more on the online community.
I really do like this spear, as it is different than all of the other spears, except Yorshka's, but like the post before me said "Quality is the only good idea for spears... weak from nature... useful for attack speed and length." You can buff this spear with a spell and then it does some decent damage, but what most people are looking for in a spear is reliable range in exchange for the attack.


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do you use quality build? dex? i have a heavy one since im using STR build and the damage is supremely underwhelming compared to my other STR weapons. i really want to use this spear but i think it doesnt mesh with my current build.
Average damage, though slightly higher base damage than the basic Spear, Winged Spear, and Drang Twinspears. Same base damage as the Tailbone Spear, but the Partizan is infusable, is accessible earlier, and is easier to upgrade, so it's more flexible with your build.

Average range.

A unique mix of sweeps and thrusts allows you to easily handle situations that regular spears struggle with, such as managing several spread out enemies. The timing on the sweep attacks is also different enough from the pokes to throw off opponents in PvP.

The Weapon Art is the elephant in the room; it's flashy and will impress onlookers, but the damage is pathetic. Over 3 hits it deals the same damage as 1 R1, is slower, uses more stamina, and FP. If you want to hit multiple opponents without needing to line them up, just use the R2s more damage, and faster. The weapon art is completely ignorable.
That's because farron GS weapon art is a parry
The only good thing the Weapon Art gives is a bit of hyperarmor
This is why I question the weapon arts for certain weapons. Why do they require FP when they are so incredibly weak? Meanwhile the Farron greatsword doesn't use FP at all for its special move.



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Yeah, no parry skill costs FP, and its L1 (LB) is just a unique moveset...
Why the hate on the low dmg of the WA? The point of the WA is that it is the only unparryable spear-WA.
It's not exactly hate that is expressed by everyone who uses the partizan, myself included, it's just how shockingly low the damage is when compared to other spears' arts. Sure it's unparryable, but it would also be nice if the weapon had around a 25-30 physical AR increase, or maybe 100 more damage for the weapon art considering that it is shorter than all of the other weapons that do the same art. Like I said, it's not hate, it's just shock.
Should i infuse this weapon with a sharp gem for a 40 dex build?
if you're dex, definitely
If it adds any damage, yes.