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Easily the worst class of weapons in Dark Souls 2, their movesets were all insufferably bad, weird and clunky. Make reapers great once more, or at least the Great Scythe, topnotch weapon in Dark Souls 1, pretty crap in Dark Souls 2.
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The only good thing on scythes in dark souls 1 was their running attack...


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reapers were ok in ds2 if you put time into them it's basically all i used
I ran a bone scythe build in ds2 and did pretty well, the movesets were very unique and worked well if you knew what you were doing with them. Git gud
They don't reach around shields anymore, I'm pissed
They are really good now. They properly bypass shields now, but compared to shotels which pierce average of 30-60 dmg, reapers can reach 80 to upwards of 110 per hit. You just have to keep that sweet spot for the range in mind constantly. They might hit the same dmg as straight swords but if you time your attacks just right, you can easily punish halberds, great weapons, UGS weapons and most weapons that are as long as a spear, because not only do reapers have long range and wide coverage but they also have really fast swing speed for that range. Also like it's best utilized at <30% load.
I love the scythes. The first one i got what the corvian one. Now im looking at the great scythe that i got back in DS2 and im freaking out becasue it was my longest weapon i had except my **** ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
These can't be the only scythes right? I mean there's only 3 from what I'm seeing and DkS 3 still has a lot of unexplored secrets right? RIGHT??
Unfortunately not friend, there's not a single place I haven't found or explored that says otherwise. Look forward to the DLC
Its just not the same...
What is a burial sword :/


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As much as I love the Reapers of Dark Souls 3 (especially the Corvian and Pontiff Scythes), it's a little disappointing to only see three in the base game. Hopefully the future DLC will add a few more.
so the weapons all say scythe.... they are known throughout the real world as scythes..... they are classified in-game as scythes..... why are these in a category names reapers?
scratch that. i'm wrong and ignore me
I think you're on to something tbh. I've been reading up on scythes for two hours and it says that those who use scythes are called reapers, I can't find anything about scythes also being called "reapers".
Section should be called "Scythes" not "Reapers". Reapers are the people who use scythes.
and that is silly
Yes but as a character using a scythe you would in fact be a reaper.
Ingame, they are classed under "Reaper", not "Scythe"
you will most assuredly be disappointed by the fact these have the damage of actual gardening scythes from which they were made to do


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If anyone here's seen footage of it, I think they'll agree that it's such a shame the Lothric Great Scythe was cut content. It looks incredible design wise.

Maybe, hopefully they'll at least salvage the weapons model and just make it a new weapon in the DLC.
Man, I'd love to see this scythe make an appea4ance in ds3
thats a nice scythe
any pictures?
Damm, that looks good. they better add it in the next game
For regulation 1.09, they added "shield-piercing properties to regular attacks".
Does it mean I can go through shield outside of the sweet spot?
Or does it only concers weapons that didn't have this property for all of their attacks?

Because if this is the case, that would be a nice little buff here!
OP here.
I just tested it on cathedral knights.
It works! They actually buffed the scythes!
I did 98 damage outside of the sweet spot with the corvian scythe and 372 AR.

What a nice day!