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They need to bring a katana like that to the Dark Souls games. We have the Chaos Blade, derived from DeS' Hiltless which causes damage to you for every time you hit an enemy, but a katana that actively drains your health as you use it like to two mentioned in the title the Dark Souls games have not had yet. Could this be the one?
This does not actively drain health, rather the weapon skill deals damage to you, and fills up the bleed meter, and in return gives you a substantial ar buff.
From what I saw, it's more like a bewitched sword of Sir Alonne... but in the form of a "regular" katana. Still, a really cool looking sword.
So it's like the Bloodletter... or the Bewitched Alonne Sword as reply #1 said.
Chikage actively drained your health in its blood form.


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Actually the chaos blade came from magic sword makoto from DeS


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heres a pic of it,
its got teeth O:
That is awesome!
Does it have a sheathe?
I thought that the person carrying it was the sheathe...
It does.



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I'm not the owner of the video though :
I hate to be the barer of bad news, but this katana is dreadful. It scales A at +5, but due to its very low base damage its AR is poor even in comparison to the Uchigatana. The buff you get from the weapon art will push its AR past the Chaos Blade, but only slightly. It also has the exact same moveset as the Chaos Blade.

I tested it against an end game Lothric Knight and at 50 DEX I do around 28 more damage on a parry reposte with the buffed Bloodlust than I do with the Chaos Blade. The buff lasts about 15 seconds and takes around three seconds to apply it. The health you lose from applying the buff isn't too bad, but still way more than what you would lose by beating on a normal enemy with the Chaos Blade.

With many of the enemies in DaSIII being extremely fast and having moves that can cover ground quickly, it makes applying the buff very difficult during the heat of battle and by the time you've worked an opening against your enemy its usually ran out. Coupled with the fact that it's incredibly weak when used without the buff to the point where it's almost useless, I recommend katana users give it a miss and stick with the Uchi or Chaos Blade..
Lol I love how people dislike truth and then even try to state an argument to justify its use. Don't get me wrong, DS3 is fun. But I feel they got lazy with some of the weapon balance and character attribute system.
I guess people on the internet don't like when you tell them something that they think is cool is actually pretty garbage. :)
they don't dislike truth, good god, go easy here... the whole Fashion Souls movement is the same. you sacrifice armor ratings and resistance for good looks. this is the same.
It a pvp more for pvp as it breaks through shields easier
Don't care, still using it.
It's called setting your own difficulty. Some people actually enjoy a challenge of using a weapon you cant kill everything with in one hit. The added challenge of timing a buff and the loss of life is exciting and fun. Some people dont even level all the way before the game is at the end!!!! :O.
I`d have to respectfully disagree with you, as you are not counting the fact it causes bleed damage. 7-8 hits and your opponent will bleed out or whatever it is called, and that deals quite a lot of damage. This is more of a pvp oriented weapon though, as I agree it is not anything of note pve. The normal damage in pvp fine, if it is low I haven`t noticed. If anyone reading this is interested in this katana, I`d say try it out and see if it`s for you. It certainly isn`t dreadful but it isn`t the best either, but it has style. I`ve only lost in pvp with this weapon when I get ganked, so I think this weapon is awesome but I may have a bias.
Even if it's not as cool as the bewitched, I want people to know how serious I am in a duel!
thank you fex
The AR is 105. proof:
i've comfirmed the +3 is 147 damage with E str and B dex scaling. The +2 is also the same scaling, forgot to check its damage.