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By Anonymous
It's a lightning spear , but not use by Orstein ? Oh , how I miss that weapon.
By Anonymous
Funny because I killed him with Ornsteins spear. xD
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Sorry not black knights but Gwyns knights in general.
By Anonymous
The mighty spear of Ornstein is in the game, too... but this one, however, is the spear of his boss. The spear of the God of War, the first of the Dragonslayers.
By Anonymous
Isnt Gwyn technicaly the very first dragonslayer since hes the one that founded the dragonslayers order(black knights)?
By Anonymous
His son then simply became dragonslayer aswell and head of the order.
By Anonymous
Sounds like lore wise its Solaire before he was stripped of his status. At least we know why he was stripped of his status now.
By Anonymous
Sadly Brolaire was just the most awesome of humans in DS1. He was just a man, a great man worthy of countless tales of his valour.
By Anonymous
^what? No, what? This boss is literally thr firstborn...
By Anonymous
andre everyone's favorite blacksmith is the original firstborn
By Anonymous
Solaire wasn't the first born. It was supposed to be someone else who I won't mention.
By Anonymous
Should i dual wield this with wolf knights great sword?
By Anonymous
Well... it would be quite useless, 'cause from what I saw / hear, the left-handed gameplay is... like in Dark Souls 1 : you can't use propoerly weapons. So, right now ( and I hope that we will have some update about it ), you can forget about using two handed, heavy attacks, and also, I think... battle skill, with the left-handed weapon.
By Anonymous
Is Sunbro epic enough to ride a crow/dragon/wyvern thing? The answer to that is...... YESSS
By Anonymous
Isnt solaire
By Anonymous
It's the spear of the son of gwyn, teacher of ornstein. Also the spear seen with the sunbro altar. Solaire has no connection to this weapon.
By BlaszczeM
Wasn't it the other way around? Wasn't he Ornsteir's disciple?
By Anonymous
Solaire is only a cool guy
By Anonymous
Now that we know who is really the First Son of Gwyn and what was his sin, isn't it interesting to remember that the sunlight altar in the original Dark Souls was guarded by a wyvern?
By Anonymous
OH ***** OH ***** OH *****
By Anonymous
Oh *****, you're a genius! I forgot all about that. That's amazing.
By Anonymous
The sunbro covenant was guarded by dragons in DkS and Dks2
By Anonymous
Holy crap, I probably never would have thought of that. Nice connection.
By Anonymous
Sadly, solaire wasnt the son of gwyn....
By Anonymous
Maybe gwyn kicked him out of anor londo because he was just too epic for him to handle, i mean the guy rides a DRAGON! does gwyn even have a chance at matching his sheer awesomenessssss
By Anonymous
To be fair Gwyn split his souls many times and practically made the Stone dragons go extinct with his sunlight spears. "Oh cool he rides a dragon! Too bad that I have Sunlight Spears." Zap boom. "No more dragon for him to ride. Oops my talisman slipped!"
By Anonymous
well drakes are still cool. at least he rides SOMETHING!
By Anonymous
Gywn had black & silver knight and is also a God, Nameless King wasn't too epic he was supposed to kill dragons, not tame and use them. Yeah he is cool though
By Anonymous
To be fair Gwyn did split his soul many times and verually
By Anonymous
Yes...all Gwyn had was an army of Black Knights.
By Anonymous
its a stormdrake
By Anonymous
wrong, he rides a big bird!
By Anonymous
which build for this weapon?
By Anonymous
what about using it with a pyro build? you got many FP to spam the lightning and alot of Faith as it does pretty good with pyro for PVE and PVP.
By Anonymous
Dex faith would do. From what u saw it's really good if you go a 20/40 as if it was a normal spear and then go 40 faith because the lightning scales with faith
By D1sl3xicpanda
If you want deep protection I would do 20 faith! The lightning isn't nearly strong enough on its unbuffed damage to invest strictly in faith just for this weapon (however if you want a full faith build then by all means) but for just this weapon 20 will do you. Offhand the sunlight straightsword for the buff, upgrading that as well grants you a great offhand as well. It does decent damage at 45 dex 20 faith. Base strength fot the weapon. Fashion souls whatever you want, my build runs 45 hp 30 stamina, 30 vit, base attunement and is the knight starting class. The build was dedicated to this weapon and I've been having a blast. Plenty of options for dex weapons, a lot of versatility. This weapon is super fun anf super useful!
By Anonymous
For me this spear is the definition of Badass.
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