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Why'd this have to make a return?
Bro it's time for Havelyn.
it's pretty useless now, since mundane scaling got completely removed.
*Someone posts on why a weapon had to return*

*Gets downvotes for days*

mfw the community is so toxic to opinions that conflict against their own. Just like if you post you're having difficulities about a certain boss, you get bashed by all the tryhards since you're "a casual who can't even solo this boss".
Why not have an effective weapon return? I love this crossbow.
Because it's Havelyn time!
If it's well executed, i'm all of it. It is a really cool weapon, no matter it's past stigma.
You dont need mundane scaling for this to be effective



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Because FromSoftware wanted to bring it back. Besides it's no where near as OP as it was in DS2 so stop complaining.
Time to strafe like our lives depend on it! (cause they probably do)
Add explosive bolts
best anti-chug answer?
You should be able to DMB it
Dark moon blade a ranged weapon? Okay. Sure. Those spells would buff you whacking someone in the face with the bow but nothing about the arrows. That's why ranged weapons and catalysts aren't buffable. They wouldnt gain from the buff.
Havelyn is back
out of ammo again



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Do the *****ing math. 99 Heavy Bolts and 99 Lighting Bolts you'll get around 66 shots.
In what fight are you going to shoot Avelyn 33 times, let alone 66 or more?


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A single shot from the Arbalest does more damage than this thing's triple shot. plus with the flat damage reduction, wouldn't this do 0 damage(or at east close to it) to most people at level 100+ or so since it fires 3 bolts that do pathetic damage each? not to mention after the first game cycle the damage would basically even only tickle most pve encounters. I may be missing something here though but if anyone has any info to share, that would be great.
The only use I can think of for Avelyn is to use splintering bolts and build up massive bleed. Otherwise, stick with Arbalest. I could be wrong, since I have never really run with the Avelyn.
It does about half of what Arbalest does per shot with 3 shots, which of course damage reduction does apply 3 times instead of one causing the damage to dip a bit lower, but keep this in mind. You're also dealing the bolt damage 3 times, which of course Arbalest only deals once. So a flat x3 on the bolt damage, with less actual weapon damage.

If you're using weak bolts such as the wooden bolts, then yes, Arbalest is probably better if they have decent damage reduction. However, with something like exploding bolts (especially with fire clutch ring on) Avelyn truly shines. Even with heavy bolts I find Avelyn does better.
The damage listed is per shot, not for all 3 shots. I've played around with this to confirm.
What Anonymous (lol) was saying is basically this: if you shoot one bolt that has a higher weapon damage than bolt damage, you will want an arbelest, because the majority of that wooden bolt's damage will come from the arvelest itself. Now, if you wanted to roll with a Avelyn, you would want to use exploding bolts, because there is a base damage on the *bolt*, NOT the Avelyn itself. If every exploding bolt does 50 base damage, it doesn't matter how much damage the Avelyn does, you will always get 150 Damage Per Volley.
I think it's after the latest update, but I've found titanite scale there.
Yes I encountered the same confusion. The description is ever so slightly wrong. From the shelves where you found that, you can jump down to the top of some other shelves that are on the level of the entrance. That is where it is. A jump is probably safer than a roll and you'll want 3/4 max health at least to be safe.
Can you only trade an un-upgraded one to them?
it seems so
they wouldn't accept mine - and I've upgraded it.
probably because you use twinkling to upgrade it
only if you ave a +10 weapon