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This really looks and acts like the adjudicators shield from demons souls
They're bringing back the demons souls hp regen faith build with this and "blessed" weapon infusions O.O
where is it tho? im planning my faith build like the one i did in demons souls.
i missed this type of shield
Upgrading doesn't seem to increase the health regen, as it did for the Adjucator's shield.
yeah it looks like the exact same hp regen rate as the sun princess ring 2 hp/sec. but if you stack this with a blessed weapon and the ring you regen almost 7 hp/1.5 seconds. depends on how much youve upgraded the blessed weapon. if you arent using a shield though having this on your back is much better than the stam regen one imo. grass crest shield no where near as good as the DS2 one.
Is the hp regen on this shield better than a blessed shield?
A +10 Blessed Shield has 3 hp every 1.5 seconds so in 6 seconds it would heal 12. Its the nearly the same, the shields stats would be the only difference.
A +10 Blessed Shield should give 3 hp every 1.5 seconds I believe so it should be better than this.
math is not strong in this one î
Like the Adjudicator's Shield from Demons Souls.
What a bull***** shield hah. The logic of a small shield being able to deflect 85% of the damage and this monstrosity only 77% is pure gamey nonsense balancing.
Well you can have it on your back and with the ring and blessed weapon you will regen your full hp in just 2 and a half minute
First off, those small shields were nerfed. Secondly, The stability is still there; it's BASE stability is 77. If you want to discount the HP regen, then don't come crying when nutjobs like me create entire builds around it that wreck.
I know it crap but the hp regen and weight make this shield good i dodge everything anyways
Just get an actually good shield with high defenses and use a Blessed Gem on it. If fully upgraded, it heals almost as fast for twice as much HO.
so many references to old souls games