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I could see this catching people by surprise. Miracle, miracle, miracle, SOUL GREATSWORD
So wait, this allows you to cast sorceries which will then scale with your faith? Am I missing something?
Pretty sure this thing has faith scaling (it gets applied to sorceries) which isn't shown here. While it's nice that you can cast sorceries scaling with faith you still need to meet the int requirement to actually use those sorceries, which makes this thing pretty useless as you will need the int anyway so might as well get a decent staff. Save your twinkling titanite for Izalith Staff for some sweet dark damage.
If you're doing a faith build with minimal contribution to INT, this can help supplement your ability to cast damaging spells using the soul arrows. You only need 14 INT to use HGSA.



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You need 18 INT to even use this, making it awful.

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If it has faith scaling its meant to be used with dark sorceries which scale off both duh


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Dark spells don't inherently scale off both, it's the Izalith Staff, Sunless Talisman, and Caitha's Chime that make them scale off both. It seems like nitpicking, but that distinction makes a whole lot of difference.
But it doesn't have Int scaling, just Faith. So dark sorceries won't scale off both.



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Wait so if I cast dark miracles with an upgraded faith based talisman and have no intelligence I will still get good dmg?
Also Dark sorceries already have the best catalyst which would be Izalith staff. It also upgrades with twinkling titanite and you find it way before this one.
Scaling and damage is wholly meh, but you're getting a spear to poke from behind shields, huge reach for soul/flash-sword spells and access to the spammable sorceries even with base requirement Int. Should keep invaders on their toes.
This is the same weapon wielded by Aldrich, Devourer of Gods. As a catalyst, he uses this weapon to casts magic projections of the Gravelord Sword, the Lifehunt Scythe and the Darkmoon Bow, along with other magic attacks.
A *****ed miracle catalyst weapon

it even scales with FTH for crying out loud
There are several weapons in the game that work like that.
It has always been Gwyndolin's thing to cast "moon sorceries," sorceries that scale with faith.
God some people are dumb, these weapons need specific builds to be used and the **** forum states it's a sorcery catalyst faith doesn't mean miracles
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I watched the video, and when I pulled that lever, it said the contraption doesn't move. What do?
Nevermind, turns out I just had to go the long way around past the dudes who shoot fireballs. my bad.
So I've been using this for couple days, very nice dual purpose right hand. I have fire hand on left and golden spear in right. It allows me to free up a weapon slot so I can wear heavier armor. I rock sunlight tali, pyro hand, and this spear. Must use for hybrid caster.
White hair talisman has garbage spell adjust so really just stick to the flame.
White hair talisman is better for hybrids. It casts miracles and pyromancies.