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By Anonymous
Anyone know how to get Alva to invade? I've been checking the area constantly and nothing
By Anonymous
Thank youuuuu!!!
By Anonymous
Tried but still a no show. I think maybe I've progressed too far :(
By Anonymous
Wrong my friend this guy spawns if you seem to be inactive
By Anonymous
for me he spawned first at ng+1
By Anonymous
just before the first bonfire in Irithyll dungeon use an ember , climb backk up the stairs slowly and he will invade, beware, he doesa ton of damage ahah
By Anonymous
having the same problem....just doesn't seem to want to invade me.
By Anonymous
Same Problem.
By Anonymous
Killed Alva, but he didn't drop the Murakumo. Is this a random-drop or can I buy it somewhere now instead? (Or is this just a bug? :/ )
By Anonymous
Travel to the bonfire in the prison and go back. Alva is going to invade just outside
By Anonymous
didnt drop it, but it was in my inventory. perhaps glitch or picked up earlier...?
By Anonymous
make sure you're embered or you won't get invaded
By Anonymous
I was not embered and was invaded. And got the sword.
By Anonymous
I got it the first try. May be a glitch, i was human and killed him normaly. Maybe he cant die to falling?
By Anonymous
I got it from him because he rolled off while I was fighting him.
By Anonymous
Anyone know what upgrade materials this sword requires?
By Anonymous
Upgrades with regular titanite.
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