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By Anonymous
Manserpent's hatchet? No comrade, that's OUR hatchet.
By Anonymous
if you’re farming this, the lightning gems drop more than the actual hatchet.
By Smol
i want to try a build using this in my right hand and an arbalest in my left. would this be a viable build?
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This weapon is really good on all builds. For physical builds it has shield chip damage, it tends to perform best on Dex. It really shines on elemental infusions though as you just get additional shield chip damage, so Dark may be the most popular option.
By Anonymous
It’s too slow for an oh xbow, you should rather go for a straight sword or rapier
By Anonymous
This thing is MONSTROUS with chaos infusion on Int/Fth Pyromancy builds. I rock this with the Curse Ward Greatshield (for the fashion) and it just pops off.
By Jandro
I guess this got buffed, a +10 heavy a base ar of 231 + A scaling strength
By Anonymous
The shotel, if he decided to start lifting weights, did some steroids, and made his own warcry.
By Anonymous
The Turtle Terminator 9000