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By Anonymous
the design looks a lot like a reverse sharpend egyptian kopesh
By Anonymous
they were actually sharpened on both sides
By Anonymous
Dothraki weapon from GOT
By Anonymous
Reminds me of vagrant story
By Anonymous
I use the buff on this item and still don't pierce through shields. Don't know if I'm doing something wrong, or if only certain shield can be pierced through?
By Anonymous
Pierce means 50% damage to blocker. But you have to hit them in the side, not the shield and 50% damage to stamina.
By Anonymous
It can't reach around the shield with straight on hits. Has to be at a slight angle.
By Anonymous
So from my testing this is what I am hypothesizing on these weapons because I have been testing it. The Scythe and the shotel can "peirce" shields or reach around them. So when you reach around you are not going to get full damage until they drop shield, but the reaching around and side attacks seems to have a Stamina depletion factor and the more dex I had the more stamina they lost. The "pierce" damage is higher than straight on and never changed or increased, but the stamina drain certainly can be. Well buffed during testing on a block character with a TON of endurance, I was able to remove all stamina on 1 swing.
By Anonymous
Weapons like this and the sycthe have a "sweet spot", where they pierce shields only if you hit them at the correct distance (I.E. with the blade, not handle)
By Anonymous
I finally have it at +9, should I infuse it or apply buffs?
By Anonymous
According to the wiki you can do both
By Anonymous
Not elemental infusion though only physical.
By Anonymous
If you have the stats for it, this basically completely replaces the old Battle Axe. As the two are virtually identical, aside from the Man Serpent Hatchet's longer reach.
By Anonymous
And partially ignores shields
By Danking
I updated the upgrade table, and tried it on chaos on 40/40 int/faith i got 465 AR wich irc is the best boost you could give it, but the warcry is boosting it only to 477 soooo.... cool and dangerous but I don't think the weapon art is worth using it.If some people could give it a try with int or faith or quality and share their AR would be nice.
By Anonymous
Remember that the weapon art also boosts its ability to get through shields. May not add a ton of extra AR, but if you're facing a shield user, it's great.
By Anonymous
War Cry also changes your moveset. It alters the R2 to a charge if you hold it down, and can be followed up with another R2 for a 2nd charge and upward slash.
By Anonymous
"Let the turtles hit the floor..."
By cptcosmic
war cry increases physical damage only by ~10%. with chaos infusion the physical damage is poor as such you only get 12 extra AR.
By Anonymous
At 40str/13 dex with both weapons +9, heavy manserpent hatchet out damages the butcher knife by a few points (220+154 compared to 180+190), while also having lower stam cost, shield pierce, almost half the weight and is buffable unlike the butcher knife.A very good sidearm for slow heavy weapon str builds due to the fast swing speed and low weight.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Lol. The Silverblack weapons were awesome in DS2 I enjoyed them a lot.
By Nusstorias
so this weapon doesen't lose it's dex scaling when you infuse it with heavy? anybody got any idea why this is so special? :o