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i hate this *****
Isn't the dark katana part of this set? I don't see it listed anywhere.
Havel Set never had a dark Katana or any other weapon aside from the dragon tooth.

Havel's favorite weapon in DS1
Ah yes...

The Casual Trinity.

The Giant Dad with his Chaos Zweihander, high defense and spamming black flames.

The Havel Mom with her Crystal Great Club, high health and magic defense.

The Ninja Son with his Chaos blade, very high stamina, Dark Wood Ring and backstabbing agility with the Red Tears Stone ring.

I remember those.
I think they're joking about trashy PvP builds, like how Mask of the Father is 'part' of the Giant's Set
can be found here:
must be buried deep and never to be found again
Well it was in black gulch in ds2, to me, that's pretty deep.
I was playing "Dark Souls 1", while waiting for the last chapter of the story. I was entering the tower where he was imprisoned, by the darkwood door ; ready to fight him and going backstab to save some time. And when I thought he would start the fight... well, he just... kept his shield on his left arm, the dragon tooth on the other... and I clearly saw his head... bowing towards me ! He just did that in front of me : I swear there was no cast, no magic or miracles, not even online lag !

It reminded me of the greetings of of Sir Alonne in the Old Iron King DLC of "Dark souls 2". I've never saw that before... never.
Does that mean that... despite all this time, he was still perfectly sane ? Did it happened before, for someone else ?
Or am I finally completely crazy ?
Is this an actual thing? Maybe there was an update? Are you a troll?

I'm legitimatly curious as to whether this is a thing
That happened to me also, I did think it was a command triggered on sight. ( I used to think it was a player, [ killed me like 3-4 times] found out it was an NPC when armor droped after being killed ) From there on, I always bow before a duel. There were other NPCs that made gestures as far as I remember.
I swear to god that i'm not trolling : I was as shocked as you are.

The worst is that, after he killed me while I was distracted, I came back and killed him without giving him a chance to do that again... I don't know much about it, but seriously, I saw that with my own eyes. Maybe it was a bug... but it was to well animated to be the case. Also, I was playing it on Xbox One, with my X360 game... maybe it's the update that allowed this ? Does anyone else have saw that recently or before ?
Havel da rock and SUNBRO vs Giant dad, who would win?
Giant Dad would win OFC ... what are you a cassual ?



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I prefer onionbro to sunbro but onion bro is a sunbro so yeah \(---)/ \[+]/
SUNBRO BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!