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By Anonymous
I used only Deep Soul, and a little pestilent mist and poison spores to beat Pontiff. Was just a wimpy sorcerer at level 52 with under 500 HP.
By Anonymous
Insanely powerful for the fp cost. Tracks very well.
By Anonymous
I'm finding this spell really useful for stun-locking enemies (especially casters) from a distance. Just start pumping out one after another, and by the time the first one hits the rest are sure to follow.
By Anonymous
One thing ppl don't seem to mention about this spell is its low(er) stamina cost. Combined with its long range and tracking, this means you can spam it while evading.

Low damage yes, but who says you have to one-shot things?
By Anonymous
Can't believe this bad boy killed the abyss watchers
By Anonymous
Not 100%; but I think this may have a great niche of trivializing low-level Dancer. I know about using Deep Axe, the dark-fists, or similar; but finding new ways of doing things (and potentially easier) is also fun. Cathedral isn't that far to go for making life easier. Will have to try it out soon!
By Anonymous
It is really strong against Dancer.
Fast Cast + Long Range + Dark Damage = Easy Win

At least I did it with ease at SL35 or something
Just use the pillars to hide sometimes and thats it

By Anonymous
This tiny sperm is from the soul of a boss? lmao
By Anonymous
Well tbh the deacons are just regular hollow undead, its just a large gathering of them with one goal (protecting Aldrich's tomb) that made them a "boss".