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By GabehSilva
Is it from faith? or Lowest from Faith/Int?
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Depends on what you're casting it with. If casting with a staff that has only Intelligence scaling, all of its damage will come from Intelligence. If cast with a staff that has both Intelligence and Faith scaling that says something about being good with dark magic in its item description (Izalith Staff), it will scale with both Intelligence and Faith and be slightly stronger.Don't cast it with the Crystal Chime, since even though that thing has good Intelligence and Faith scaling it's really, really bad with dark magic.
By Anonymous
It from both as this is Dark Magic (hybrid)
By Anonymous
this spell casts fast, moves super slow.
By Anonymous
That might catch some people out, they go to roll and it still hits them.
By Anonymous
this spells not worth the souls its made of.
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By Demonico
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So this *****ing candle stick is better? There are 2 choices and this is definetly the better one.
By Anonymous
lol , the 3rd choice is better... 20k souls? i’ll gladly take it over the worst sword and one if the worst spell in the game
By Anonymous
*shakes head in disappointment*
By Anonymous
getting this spell right after the deacons is useless.. Your faith/int is way to low. You get great deep soul also too early.After reaching 30/30 it's going to do slightly damage. but even then its uselesswait for 40/40..
By Anonymous
Well, given that your only other choice is a pitifully lackluster sword-catalyst...Great deep soul also requires you get the human dregs which, while not overly cumbersome, does take time and effort. So this can be a good substitute as your dark sorcerer BnB until you put in the time to get GDS. Unfortunately you'll need to fetch the Izalith staff if you want to maximize the damage output. I only really started relying on this spell once I got it and reinforced it up some, and it lasted me until I got GDS, which I got out of the way before I went to the dungeon area and profaned captial.This does have an advantage over GDS in that it uses much less stamina and thus is much more spammable, but that seems to be about it (focus cost increase is minor).
By Anonymous
Its funny how Archdeacon Royce's improper staff does better with it than we ever can on the best possible staff available.
By Anonymous
I don't get the hate. This spell is great in PvP, just spam it and watch players panic roll.
By Anonymous
It's sad that Great Soul Dregs immediately makes this spell obsolete.
By Anonymous
You mean Great Deep Soul. Great Soul Dregs is more like a dank replacement for Soul Spears in both damage and FP cost.
By Anonymous
Watching a bunch of lore videos again, and IDK about other people, but it's just clicked for me now. IIRC from certain item descriptions, we have on one hand, sorceries which are a magic based foremost on logic and intelligence. On the other hand we have faith on the old gods and the age of fire which empower miracles. Seeing as the Archdeacons learned sorceries and its logical ways, they likely lost faith in the old gods and discovered the dark souls deep within themselves, as well as ascertaining its nature as the roots of humanity. So it's only fitting that by the logic of sorceries and their newfound faith in the deep, dark or whatever you call it, their spells would result in soul dregs, the stuff that makes up the dark which is the natural thing to follow light and fire.

Also, you could say the deacons and Sulyvahn, who embraced and looked forward to the abyss, are the antithesis of Ollacile and Artorias, those who were consumed and corrupted by it.
By Anonymous
Artorias hasn't been a human, thus has been made out "white souls" which is easily consumable by dark. It's pretty much your job in DS1, to being tricked by gods lies into feeding your dark soul into "fat enough" so you will fit to fuel the cursed flame, for another age. Deacons, was been humans to begin with, so like Vendrik they probably just said "***** this***** whe screwed anyway".