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By Anonymous
One of the four pvp pyromancies you'll see (the others being CBV, black flame, and fire surge). Very annoying. Hosts will just cast and recast this until they're out of blue juice while their phantoms run you down with ultra weapons. If you're having a hard time dodging it, don't roll. Just run to the side. It doesn't turn well, but it roll catches like a mf.
By Anonymous
So.. Does this do dark dammages or fire dammages ?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Fear not the dark, my friend, and let the feast begin.
By Anonymous
Great spell in general, but it makes things too easy when I see people use this spell. Its major weakness are crossbows, & I'm surprised the meta hasn't gotten wise to it. The cast animation causes your character bend the knee, lining yourself up for a clean chance at a headshot. The most damage I've done was around 354 on one hit, and recently I was able to do a 334 headshot. Even when you account for the crit of a headshot, it's almost absurd that even light crossbows with 279 AR can punish users of this spell so much from a distance. It is possible to dodge out of the crossbow shot, but you'd need to have high/max out cast time and mash that roll button. Not impossible, but I've punished more people who used this spell than I can remember.
By Anonymous
not to mention that you can simply walk away and let them keep casting it until they're out of FP or realize that there's no point in ever using this against someone
By Anonymous
Are you guys facing people who just spam one spell of their arsenal? Yeah, it gets pretty easy to go against someone who can only do one thing...
By FruitPunchNinja
It is such a shame that immolation tinder doesn’t cast pyro, this spell would pair so well
By Anonymous
Good for if you want to kill the Old Demon King early as a pyromancer to get the chaos bed vestiges. Otherwise, pretty much all of the other dark pyromancies are better.