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"The flames can be slightly controlled with the control stick." ... do you mean I can control the flame direction while locked on, or free aiming?
I am also not completely sure what that means. I assumed it meant while not locked on but was looking in the comments to see of "control stick" meant the left stick or right.
You control it with right stick and it shows more unlocked but have noticed it move while locked on as well



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The comments here really don't live up to my experience. A white phantom sent 8 of these in a row at me while I was fighting as a Spear of the Church. Dodged them all, while simultaneously having to keep the host off my back. And I'm not bragging either -- my record in PvP isn't anything exceptional. It's just that, reading the comments posted below, you'd think this pyromancy was way more punishing than it actually is. The tracking is better than most spells, but as long as you keep your eye on it, it's piss easy to dodge.
It's a tricky spell but it you can see it coming it's not hard to dodge
I met a blue that only used this spell and shot with a crossbow truly great pvp experience
I run this spell on my level 10 invader and have gotten so much hate for it
Is anyone else confused as to how Friede managed to obtain this?
Friede was a sister of londor who abandoned the path and became unkindled. They follow the teachings of dark stalker kaathe, reasonable to assume he taught them pyromancy born of the abyss,. He teaches them the art of lifedrain. Not too much of a stretch, especially considering black serpents description too