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actually goes in a full circle
I'm almost certain it's buffed with the dark clutch ring but anyone knows if it work with the fire clutch ring ?
Does not work with fire clutch ring because it deals dark damage not fire damage.
Yes, it also works with magic clutch ring, rings boosting miracles and melee attacks. Scales with poise
pretty sure the clutch rings work like
*deals damage* -> is it damage of x type? -> if yes, boost damage by 15%
not equipping actually raises the stats of whatever you want to deal more damage
Tracks almost in a full circle now. Is a pain in the neck to try and dodge.
I do it all the time.

Just dodge at a forward 45° angle. Rush forward, get a swing or two in, then dodge once more as it comes for your back.

Pyro will usually not expect an aggressive counter with that spell and usually get hit.
just run away
Git gud nerd
Fought some guy earlier who was deflecting spells like a boss. I used this, he deflected it, rushed me and the thing made a u-turn and hit him in the back just as I was casting the second one. Comboed into black flame for a KO
Now i've seen multiple ganks that got 2 pyros just spamming it.
I would suggest just increasing the damage and not an instant stagger of the enemy as it is quite OP if you got 2-3 people just spamming it and someone with a crystal soul spear.

Of course you can say "git gud" but does it improve it being spammed in ganks?
I wanna see you try going against 2 pyros spamming it while one is pressuring you with a sword as a meele build that aims for parries.

If you can do it without any help, I'll accept it and will try to "get gud"
Quality nerd? I also got a pyro and even so I still have the same opinion.
My opinion is to increase the damage but to not include a stagger, or not such a long one that you can throw a fireball with 800 damage + at them.
I'm a pyro, I know that it's one of the most useful spells because of that.
But increasing the damage to like, idk. 400 or 500 would also make it useful, wouldn't it? (Of course the FP needs to be higher a bit too) but the stagger on that FP cost? I saw people spamming it ten times after finally drinking an ashen estus...

It's just too powerful as it is right now, that's my opinion. Respect it or not, your choice.
Well, to be fair, you were getting ganked in your example, so... I think the problem is more that you're getting ganked than the spell itself. If you have three people poking you with daggers you're also going to get staggered continually, but I don't think we need to nerf daggers.
And I'll get stunlocked by a rat gank squad, let's nerf them too... You can do it with swords, you can do it with spells, stop crying tw@t..For spammed bybtgis and died last night, didn't come here to cry, just thought if a way around It..
So... You want to nerf a spell becaude you cant beat it by yourself against two casters and a tank?

Seems perfectly legit. Who cares about spell casters in a 1v1 environment.

While you're at it, let's need melee weapons as it's hard to win 3v1 against them.
Leave us casters be you Quality nerd. If it wasn't an Instant stagger it'd be one of the easiest spells in the game to dodge so no.



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Okay, I guess I need to excuse myself.
I was a "bit" pissed when I wrote this. It was a mistake as I see.

I've got a pyromancer myself tho and I need to say that you don't need this spell. I mostly kill my enemies without it.
It's just sad to see people spamming this spell and throwing a 700 damage fireball in your face because you got hit once.
'Lasket', you are the biggest crying babyback punk b***h I've seen on here. Just shut up man. Noone likes a complainer. Try and grasp the concept of BALANCE.
Babies whining and soiling themselves because they can't even kill pyromancers using black serpent.
You can steer it with your joystick. Try it out.



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I already realized it with my controller. It seems to go the opposite direction your character moves.
Roll to the right then roll back over it to the left
Or just be meta and walk away until it dissapears
For the love of god they need to increase the cast time on this or some other type of nerf, everyone uses it and spams the ***** out of it, it's hard to get close, and even if you do I find that they can usually cast it again, right after. I started using it after I saw how disgusting it was, and boom, like magic I was winning duels left and right. No spell should be THAT effective.
Lets be honest we know your overexaggerating. This is one of the few spells that has become truely effective and it isnt anywhere near as good as your making it sound. Yes its a nice spell but its tracking is decent and those who know how to deal with it usually don't get caught by it. Two it deals like what ~200 damage compared to the other spells in pyro that deal even more but are much harder to hit with. Couple this with the amount of difficulty it takes to play casters its difficult. So nerfing this spells will only make pyromancers less viable and limit the number of actually effective spells.
Literally just take a leisurey jog to either your left or right and you will never be hit by it
lmao use the Millwood axe WA and plow right through it. Scares the crap out of them.
Yeah, that and anything else. Only weapons with heavy poise damage can safely handle that WA, it's a crutch against literally any fast no poise weapons. Direct counter to even pkcs.