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By Anonymous
This sounds like my kinda weapon!
By Anonymous
So the monster that drops it only spawns once. Do i have to get lucky and do multiple playthroughs? He gave me dung pie 3 times so far lol
By Anonymous
I got it from the hand faced monster at the bottom of the building where Logan's Scoll is. There were 3 monsters.
By Anonymous
You have to kill all three hand faced monsters for it to drop
By Anonymous
Not all of the 3 Handface Monsters have to be killed only one of them. I happened to kill the right one first time off and it was the one closest to the door that aggro'd me first. Only reason to kill all is if you want to grab the
By Anonymous
No, you just have to kill the right monster its the one already walking around in the room with 3 of them.
By Anonymous
Simple enough in its use but fast and effective. Scaling is kinda weak but hey, gives you an excuse to allocate stats into other stuff, and the upgraded base damage really isn't half bad considering how punchy it is.
By Anonymous
how much does it heal?
By Anonymous
What is the duration of the buff, roughly. Anyone know?
By Anonymous
before you say anything THE BUFF STACKS aka i spammed it 7 times now I heal for 168 health per hit, definitely if u see a person using this in a fight club gang bang him
By Anonymous
The skill lasts about 20 seconds. I tried stacking it, it didn't work; you only get the one buff, no matter how many times you do it. It healed me for 25 points of health per hit. I don't know if it scales with vigor, but I sincerely doubt it does.
By Anonymous
I love the look of Eleonora and would have tried to use this weapon if it used Twinkling titanite to upgrade. The fact that it uses titanite Scales, the same used to upgrade BOSS weapons, is ridiculous. This weapon also cannot be infused or buffed in any way, meaning that it is stuck at D strength scaling. Eleonora had great potential as a weapon but it just falls short on too many things
By Anonymous
You can buy more scales if you run out
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