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How much does this increase your attack by? And how much health do you lose?
Does this deal damage or is it just health loss? Trying to counteract the health loss with resistances or something.
It DRAINS your health down.
Can someone test if this does damage before or after resistances are applied. A good way to test is try getting two weapons, but have one of them with split damage. The split damage should be less, but the boost between buffed/unbuffed should be greater on the weapon with split damage if it's applied before resistance.
The second note is 27.91% of his maximum health pool so it can't be 22.5%. The second comment disproves the first.
The first note is saying the it increases your dmg OUTPUT by 22.5% the second note is saying you TAKE ____ dmg.
It is sad to see the changes this skill has from DS1 to DS3. The damage buff is reduced heavily and the duration is very short. They need to change this skill to be like the original Power Within from Dark Souls 1
For those who do not know the old Power Within from Dark Souls 1 here it is:
Increases all damage by 40% and stamina regeneration, but constantly drains HP at the rate of 1% of your max HP per second.

Here it is now:
Increases all damage by 20% and stamina regeneration, but constantly drains HP at the rate of 1.9% (roughly rounded) of your max HP per second

As you can see this skill was heavily nerfed. They need to bring back the old effect from Dark Souls 1
If From would take balancing in DS1 a little bit more serious this pyromancy would already be the same as it is now in DS3. It was not good, it was not balanced, it was op as f*** and every noob knew it.
At the very least, increase the duration


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It's already too op, I can break 1000 AR on so many weapons its dumb.
i would've accepted huge dmg nerf but 15 sec duration seems pointless in pve and perhaps pvp ( ds1 was 100 seconds)
Make it 21 and you can beat a boss in Hyper mode.
couldnt agree more. 15 seconds means worthless, even the *****ty resins have a full minute of decency
You have to apply buffs in a specific buff order to insure that you don't overwrite buffs.

Example buff order: Sacred Oath, Deep Protection, Power Within, Warcry. Your will receive AR buffs from all of these if you apply them in this order. You can get up to 1021 AR at 40/40 STR/DEX on a +5 Black Knight Greataxe.
ive got three words for you: lothric knight greatsword


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Deep protection will be overwritten by Power within. Warcry though will stack.