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But I have not sin'd, yet. So, she's worthless as of now.
I want something from someone that necessitates death. What is the price for absolution?
Depends on your level i think , i killed andre when level 50 , and she requested 50,000!!!
34,000 for me to use blacksmith andre again
She asked for something like 3000 sould after I killed Anri & Horace.


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She's also offering human form and it will reset your hollow status but not your Dark Sigil one. Yuria won't vanish.


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3300 souls or 3500... Anyway, less expensive than a Purging Stone. \(^_^)/
Seems to be depending on your lvl actually, lvl 80 - 35 hollowing - 8k to reverse at velka
This is what I needed to know, thank you.


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It sounds like the price is linked to your "hollow level", @99 price is 4100 or 4400 souls (can't remember the exact number).
Don't need the key to reach her. I dropped into the pit and survived with ember and taking all my armor off.
Or just use that hush magic and take no dmg at all.
Same ~~~~
I did this as well. I dropped down at that dragon armor guy with the huge club.


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I've neither seen nor heard of this option. Has anyone? Is there a screenshot, maybe?
With fall damage reduction (or a lot of health) you can get to velka's statue without the grave key.
If you have the assassin class, you can cast spook and take 0 falling damage.
You can jump down, near the guy with the big hammer, and the caged miracle lady, without added fall reduction. I was able to survive the fall with 12 Vit, for those attempting. I'm not sure what other stats affect fall damage.
you can just fall down near the guy with hammer bruh ?! or did i glitch, please forgive me !
What is it she does exactly?
^thats not true. Darkmoons don't invade anymore. So I'm also confused on Sin.
If you aggro some NPC, he/she will attacks you until he/she dies thats a sin, to make him/her becomes peaceful again you have to talk with Velka.

Or if you invade and kill people in their worlds, thats counts as a sin, and the Darkmoon blades(other players) will hunt you down, to stop the invasions you talk with velka too.
"Link the First Flame" rather than "Wresting the flame from it's Mantle."

what does this actually mean does anyone know?


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There are 4 endings
Linking the Fire
Wrestling it from the mantle
The End of Fire
and the secret D!ck mode activated ending

Speculation is going to accure about whhich one is the good the bad and the neutral ending in my opinion the secret ending that doesnt have a trophy is the actual bad one because of what it implies, and the other ones could all be good or bad depending on how you look at them
4 endings
basically dark vs good ending but i heard there were 3 so im not sure about the third..
Does sin carry of to new game+ ?