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By Anonymous
wtf i killed the crab but the ring didnt drop, i got a small titanite shard for it
By Anonymous
it drops from the giant crab that is wurther away from the first who is near the crusifix bonfire
By Anonymous
And here I thought that it was a reward for killing both? You learn something new every day
By Anonymous
Fextra is absolutely terrible when it comes to accurately stating bonfires near enemies
By Anonymous
To anyone wondering, I just did some testing with the +2 version of this ring and the Darkmoon Blade Miracle

If you have the ring equipped when you cast it but then take it off right away you will NOT get the extended duration.
If you don't have the ring equipped when you cast it but then put it on you WILL get the extended duration.
By Anonymous
What if you put it on after casting DMB then swap it out right away? No effect?
By Anonymous
If you take it off, the extended effect reverts to it's original time length. If taken off in the time between the orignal duration and the extended, the effect ends immediately.
By Anonymous
Thanks for clarifying. In my opinion From should have programmed it the opposide way.
By Anonymous
Do I have to keep it equipped after I cast the spell or not
By Anonymous
Yes you do
By Anonymous
does it work with floating chaos?
By Anonymous
It only works with effects "placed" on you or the character your playing as.
By Anonymous
First playthrough, wanted to do a str/fth, buff oriented build. Traded last blows with the crab and saw the ring fading away along with my hopes and dreams.... **** me right?
By Anonymous
umm.. what
By Anonymous
u poor bugger... that sucks mate... always swap out estus for 1 heal and the rest on blue estus and keep a charm use the secondary skill in your left hand to keep you healing over time and your pyro hand in your r2 slot so you can blast anything from range... those giant crabs have a tendency to jam up in gaps that u can abuse from range... sorry to hear about ur loss... the same thing happened with me against the first crystal lizard in the early game accidentally went over a cliff with it... didnt get the scales from it... deleted that character so fricking quickly... haha XD
By Anonymous
Someone should compile a list of all the spells this ring effects. It should be obvious this effects just about every buffing spell and not any weapon arts or items, but the comments here show otherwise...
By Anonymous
Does it increase the length of magic great sword ferron, flash sword, and the flame thrower pyromancy?
By Anonymous
it increases duration of spell buffs and such, not physical length
By Anonymous
i think they meant duration of the spell blade being active. That's what I'm curious about.
By Anonymous
Soul greatsword is activated the same way as a soul spear so no and farron flashsword and flame spray are activated by continuously tapping or holding so no.
By Anonymous
does the bonus still prevail after you swap off? i.e. i'm buffing a weapon while wearing the ring and then swapping to hornet right after buff, will I still get the effect?
By Anonymous
get a stopwatch and try it yourself
By Anonymous
No sir, it does not function this way.
By Anonymous
Does this work with Power Within?
By Anonymous
With Power Within it strengthens the effect by making it last longer while costing the same amount of health.
By Anonymous
Does this affect resins?
By Anonymous
You mean raisins? Nah, it doesnt.
By Anonymous
While I appreciate the joke from the other guy it doesn’t affect resins or bundles
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