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By Anonymous
you get the regular lingering dragon crest ring by slaying the same giant crab you got the belloowing dragoncrest ring from it's in the road to sacrifices
By Anonymous
+1 isnt in road of sacrifices, its in crucifixion woods near one of the crabs
By Anonymous
Can confirm that at least Blessed Weapon is not affected by this.
By Anonymous
The duration boost was about 25%.Tested on Hidden Body, which by default I believe was 20 seconds. Afterwards it was 25. Spook was boosted by 25% as well.
By Anonymous
It seems like only sorcery buffs are effected and Pestilent Mercury is not and neither is the staff weapon skill, tested the times myself
By Anonymous
Effects for the ring and +1 were consistent for Carthus Flame Arc, Power Within, and Carthus Beacon.
By Anonymous
Carthus Beacon Normal: 30 secondsWith ring: 40 secondsWith ring +1: 42 seconds
By Anonymous
Flame Arc Normal: 90 secondsWith ring: 120 secondsWith ring +1: 122 seconds
By Anonymous
Power Within Normal: 15 secondsWith ring: 20 secondsWith ring +1: 22 seconds
By Anonymous
It does seem like the normal ring doesn't drop in NG+
By Anonymous
sorry I was talking bull**** it already dropped without me noticing
By Anonymous
This ring does effect miracles. Or, at least the hp regen miracles.
By Anonymous
Does it increase time for "Rappor"?
By Anonymous
Is this your second time asking it or did someone else also ask? Why don't you just !Go Test Yourself!
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