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It seems so
Fades me and weaks me the wiki
its getting too obvious he thinks of a storyline as he makes it
i understand but it also shows how much people love the game if they are trying to speculate what has happened in the series and what can potentially happen
sir i think u r mistaking dark souls for FNAF
That was obvious a long time ago. Dark souls is only played for the gameplay. Some people just desperately want there to be some meaning so they make ***** up from item descriptions. I really don't understand what is wrong with the "normal" way of story presentation. More people would probably enjoy the lore then.
is this site accurate because there seems to be alot of speculation
Wiki's in general are usually just a pool of info provided by a bunch of people.
Well the game just came out and this site isn't made by the developers so most of the crap that's on this site is learned by other players
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Datdat cool niega
is the chosen undead a lord of cinder? he linked the flame
The Chosen Undead isn't made to link the flame. The choice is there at the end of that game for a reason. He/She CAN be a lord of cinder but that doesn't make him one. There is no evidence that the Souls of Cinder is specifically the chosen undead.
I think the final boss IS the chosen undead.
While the final boss is technically the Chosen Undead from DKS1, he's also Gwyn, Solaire, our character from DKS2, the 5 Lords we meet in this game, and everyone to link the flame in between. He's the combined experience of every person to link the flame.
Is Gwynn the same type of lord of cinder as the DS3 lords?



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Probably not to be honest. He was the first, and presumably the only deity/god/lord to have ever done it. Everyone who linked the flame after Gwyn were just reenacting what he did, and presumably had to face off against the resurrected previous Lord of Cinder.