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This work on non player computers or just for pvp?
If it follows the tradition of the previous poison spells, it should work on everything not immune to poison. It was acid surge that was PVP only.


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This can be found inside a lava pit near where you find Quelena Pyromancy Tome. You will need flash sweat and some decent fire resistance. Also be careful for the Grimer type enemies as they can explode fire in the pit. Closest to the DEMON RUINS BONFIRE
This spell is the ***** for killing mimic's, suspeciouse chest? use this and if it takes damage just watch it die without even agroing u :)
Or... you could throw an undead hunter charm at the mimic, putting it to sleep so you can loot it without killing it. Which is also the most effective way to farm the mimic head hat, You can repeat this technique to farm the same mimic chest.
I heard that poison mist procedures build up a lot faster, but toxin does more damage

Poison 3hp per tic
Mist ?hp per tic.
I currently have:
Witch ring and Great Swamp ring
+7 pyro flame
22 int/faith

My toxic mist deal 13dmg/s, need more testing what affect that dmg
And both effect (toxic and poision) stack so you can deal like 16 dmg/s
Tested it, seems like its not affected by anything, 13 dmg is base.
Why are some of the guides on this site great on how to find items... but others are just useless... like this one... I would never have found this if I didn't already know where the lava area is
Improve it, thou


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Well they do have a smouldering lake walkthrough
Cause it's an ADVENTURE RPG get good and explore
This specific lava pit cant be shielded against
Just like to throw out there that the mist can go through walls, so you can use this to kill enemies without even needing to be in the same room as them
Does luck affect the buildup of Toxin with this spell, or does it scale with spell buff?

Also, you can easily use it on Mimics and they won't aggro, making it a safe strategy if you don't want to fight them.
I believe Luck means only weapons...