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Does this work on pve mobs? As well as all the other stat effects like freezing, bleeding acid surge etc. Or only on pvp players? Cause ice been using the first frost sword since I got it as it is really powerful regardless of the freezing mechanic and either I haven't noticed npc's getting effected by it or don't realize when they do get the debuff. Wish it was clearer.
I don't know what this spell would even do to monsters if it worked on them, but freezing and such definitely should. I can't confirm freezing but bleed sure does so I'd assume the same goes for the rest.
The problem is that bosses have enormous resistances and most weaker enemies die before the bar fills up. The effects are most noticeable on hostile NPCs and of course AI phantoms. The Great Corvian Scythe gets me bleed procs on plenty of standard enemies though.
The animation makes you do a dragon-roar type thing, which takes a good 2 seconds. Almost impossible to actually land in PvP.
Use the Sage Ring +2. You'll see a definite difference in cast speed. However, players will seldom get hit by it.
Don't even bother using this spell. Because science, I had my friend summon me as an invader to test what this spell does. The answer is nothing. It does exactly 7 points of durability damage to all equipped items. Considering that everything has at least 40+ durability and this spell's crappy range, you'd have to be facing someone that is AFK to break their gear. I'd like to say that this would counter Washing Pole users, but they'd just running R1 you to interrupt your cast anyway.

Still garbage. I used about 30 casts of this spell on just about every npc that's killable. Nothing breaks, their damage remained the same. Get this spell for the achievement and move on. You'll only find disappointment here
hue hue
Get two friends to trap someone with a great shield and have some fun, other than that it's useless lol
Currently completely worthless. People have tested, and to break average armour-sets it takes over 20 separate casts. Breaking weaker weapons like Katanas would be faster, but this is still completely horrible.

This spell will be buffed in the 21st October patch, time will tell how substantial the buff is.
Beware Weebs! With the latest patch as of the 21st, your weeb sticks will crumble beneath this spell. Seriously though, it happened for the first time last night. I actually had to go to Andre to fix a broken weapon. It was so fast there was very little I could do (valid it was a gank squad and one was spamming the spell). This spell has a niche now, and I love it.
Not just a niche. This ***** is *****ing OP now, against regular weapons too.
this is a weeb game tho you normie
Can't wait to bust out the Mean Bean Machine and tear down the cancer that is melee weapons. Not only can I slaughter the helpless infidels where they stand, but Andre is tossing me a 30% kickback on a now lucrative repair business. Patch 1.08 and From Software - bless you.
*Insert police sirens* We're onto your extortion operation, Anon!


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The effect now does 300 durability damage over 5 seconds. Try not to stand in it.