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for those that rely on many hits instead of 1 big one
Why is there not a page for Charcoal Pine Resin?
there are two versions of this, a resign, and a bundle.
This page is a bundle, but it has a picture of a resin, but a bundle lasts a very long time, so this has the duration of the resin. We need a second page for the resin.
This is the picture of a bundle. Resin lasts longer while bundle applies quicker and do more damage
This is the link to charcoal pine resin :
The bundles work fluently in combos, in the sense that if you were to R1, apply bundle, then R1 again, the second R1 would actually be the second R1 of your weapon, whereas most other items would interrupt the chain and the second attack would be the first R1 of the weapon again. This can be potentially useful as a means of delaying an attack with an animation that can even bait a player into rolling, while adding bonus damage - Not to mention that you can apply it after parrying an opponent, and still have enough time to take the riposte, and look like a badass while doing so.
Also note that bundles add more damage than resins, and you can carry 20 of each bundle at any one time, but only 5 of each resin.
To look like a badass after a parry just do a menu swap ; bundle-apply parries are outdated now. :>
Does Int. or Faith increase the effect at all?!
lasts for 11 seconds


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Not only a drop from NG+ I have 6 and haven't even gotten the shop unlock in my first run.