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Boss soul weapon.


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Looks like BBS.
faith requirement 14... no faith scaling... hidden luck stat scaling?! BBS IS THAT YOU ?! <3
Anri's straight sword is the bbs :D
There is no luck scaling on this weapon, hidden or otherwise.
With both this and the other prince's weapon in your inventory, you can speak to Ludleth and make a greatsword with the holy light r1 and flame r2 stance.
That item description is just too real, poor Lothric. However, it does remind me of Ostrava's story. Weapon shape looks like BBS, and it functions like Soulbrandt when put together with Lorian's Greatsword. I'm sure these might just be coincidences, but it's still a cool weapon.
Have you ever seen blue blood sword? the shape looks the same as in they both have a blade and a handle.
Nevermind, that's exactly what can be done. Combine the swords into one, neat.
"when put together with Lorian's Greatsword"
Care to elaborate? Do you mean dual wield the two swords, or is there actually a way to merge them like Soulbrandt?


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Blessed weapon?
And yet no scaling? Was this a mistake?
The faith requirement is there for the weapon arte.
Its not exactly like its an oddity, there have been plenty weapons in souls series that required faith to equip but had no scaling to it.
They tend to stick faith/int scaling on weapons with elemental attack (like this sword's weapon arte) to prevent the weapon from being unfused or buffed.
how the ***** is this a holy sword if it has no faith
Does Faith affect the weapon art?
No. Total AR does