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Anyone know if these can be purchased from an NPC?
Are these dispensable, anybody know of a farming location/vendor?


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Who drops this?
Some of the taller skeleton men in the Catacombs were dropping these.. or maybe the skeletons were? I can't confirm either right now, but I've gotten a few drops just killing skeletons in the Catacombs
The big red eye curved greatsword and shotel skellies drop em as well as titanite shards
After turning in the Grave warden's Ash, she now sells this item along with the kukri for 1000 and 50 souls a piece, unlimited stock.

Gravewarden Ash is obtained in the Catacombs
Turned in the grave wardens ash but handmaiden does not sell them, don't know what to do now other than farm i guess.
How much does it buff your bleed? Is it worth putting a bleed stone on my morning star or should i just stick to using these? The bleed stone only buffs bleed by like +4



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Applies +45 bleed damage to right-hand weapon for 60 seconds.



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Bleed infusion only slightly adds/gives some bleed, but you can't use resins. Better off using whatever infusion you want and using resin. It is possible to do your left hand if you're dual wielding if you two-hand it first. Even getting some more luck is better than bleed infusions on anything.
Anyone have any idea why they're not being sold after handing in the Grave Warden's Ash?
Really? It was there for me
If I have lots of luck, do these scale and do more bleed?



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Bleed buildup raises with luck as well as Poison and frostbite, but the bleed damage doesn't change.
There's no way this applies +45. Maybe it brings any weapon up to 45% bleed because if it was +45 then my wardens would be doing 52 base bleed + 45 carthus and my bleed should theoretically pop for 97% which doesn't happen it seems to always chunk for just about half in PvP
I think bleed always procs for the same damahe as a %. I think the numbers increase the rate or speed of building bleed.
The number isn't a percentage, it's a value. If you look at your character's stats, you'll see a value next to Bleed Resistance. That is the value that needs to be reached by someone that is trying to bleed you with their attacks. Once the value is reached (it will constantly drain while getting built up), the bleed will proc and you will take the bleed damage. It works the same for poison or frostbite.