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Do you get 5 more rebirths from Rosaria after resetting the game?
Yes, ofc
I've pretty much completed NG+ (just mentally preparing for Nameless King lol) and I didn't notice any change. Of course there's higher tier upgrade materials and +1 rings, but I didn't notice a single additional enemy or NPC invader. Has anything changed that maybe I'm just not aware of? What about higher NG's?
Some extra enemies such as at the top of Lothric Castle, but overal its just small things like extra NPC summons like Lion Knight Albert (The melee guy you kill in NG at Lothric Castle together with the Sorcerer and Agile hunter)
I don't know what to tell you
For people coming From Dark Souls 2, this is classical From ng+. ONLY Dark Souls 2 had additional enemies and loot implemented in ng+, Demon's souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne just increased enemy health and damage. The usual way these games operate is for any player to get roughly the full experience the first time through and then leave or be able to start a new cycle and retain the knowledge gained from playing in ng. Dark Souls 3 has done a little bit of both styles.
I haven't noticed anything other than they have more health and hit harder and I'm on Ng ++
Are players from NG able to interact with NG+ players and vice versa?
It's all about Soul Level and weapon reinforcement level.
perhaps its based on level so it very well could be possible.
If using a password, yes.
Do you get 5 free levels from Yoel again or is it first playthrough only?
you can obtain another free 5 levels
you probably can
yes you can, I took all 5 free levels.
Do gestures carry over???
Does Path's Devotion carry over, right?
Does the handmaiden's inventory reset, meaning, do you have to find the ashes in every *****ing playthrough? :P
Will NG+ start right after defeating the final boss like in DS1, or can i select it from the bonfire like DS2?
you can choose when to ng+