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I think you might get this from the wolf covenant. Because sif. Artorias. I think the wolf is sif
you killed sif in a forest, not a tower
Also, the Old Wolf of Farron isn't dead, only emaciated.
The Wolf convenant's rewards are the Old Wolf Curved Sword, a ring related to Wolf, and finally the Wolf Knight Greatshield. I think the Wolf Knighit set is bought from an old woman NPC from what I saw on Youtube.
You buy this set from old granny inside "alternate" firelink shrine.
So I called my Dark Soul 1 and 2 character Wolf Knight, I kept him in animal headed helmets when I could to maintain the theme. Does that mean i have to get this armor.
Ever heard of 9GAG
of course it does
I wore this armor all the time after I got it but before that , Dragonslayer Orstein set.
I'll wear this in his honor, I slayed him to end his misery. I am the chosen undead, I was destined by the that serpent to link the fire, but when I came to it I didn't now what to believe anymore. Now I now what to do, I'll fix the mistake I wrought all those years ago and put an end to my miserable existence. To link the fire that is my fate.
That's edgy as fuc/k
Two things. 1.)*Know
2.)That's what should be done.Unless being a lord of hollows is your thing,which is understandable.
Still skipping leg day?
Tip for people who want to wear this armor but hate the bone-thin legs: swap the leggings for the Outrider's. They match perfectly, in my opinion and have normal proportions.
Dummy* lol
Yes out rider is the best looking one for this armor and totally matches. And yes you do need leg day to balance yourself while swinging swords dumm!!!
***** leg day! Legs don't swing swords!
Even after killing the boss it says this armour set doesn't show up for me
If you didn't kill all the lords to get to the untended graves (Killing Emma) then you have to kill the Abyss Watchers. If you do everything in order then the armor will be there when you get to the untended graves because normally by then you would have already killed them.
Make sure you are in the DARK version of Firelink Shrine, which is unlocked late game after beating Champion Gundyr.
You can buy this set at the alternate shrine handmaid at the alternate firelink shrine in the untended graves...
Sadly, this armor is almost exactly like DS1. Which means damaged by abyss, so thin legs and damaged quality. Also unlike it's DS1 counterpart it doesn't have "face" hidden inside cape - it just has plain mesh (while in original it had face silhouette inside).
I found that Lorian's Leggings mostly fit the set rather well.
so does anyone else have a problem where they can see your characters arms that are clipping right bellow the arm pits?