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By Anonymous
Din Djarin set nice :)
By Anonymous
I'd love if more DkS2 armor was brought over
By Anonymous
Definitely downvoted by a Miyazaki fanboy...
By Anonymous
Heide Knight set is my favorite.. Also Tanimura the director of from DS2 was Co-Director in this game
By Anonymous
I'm sad every day that the Golden Mastodon armor isn't in the game anymore
Gimme back my beautiful abs, my rippling, gilded midriff
By Anonymous
In my opinion one of the coolest looking armor sets in the series. The appearance in DS3 is based off of what was in the DS2 trailer, which looks great. Not a fan of the exposed neck tho.
By Anonymous
I really don’t like how exposed the neck is with this helmet
By Anonymous
Shame about the neck but this is probably still one of the coolest, if not the coolest in the series
By Anonymous
I don't have the DLC. Can someone trade me this set?
By Anonymous
No DLC needed, mate. It's just a little ways before Twin Princes. If you're on Ps4, drop me a line tonight @Sifu_dude9.
By Anonymous
Lol, judging by the comments it seems as if people think that the wiki is a trading page for filthy casuls and/or people who dont want to shell out a few bucks for dlc
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
You don’t even need the DLC....
By Anonymous
No, this comment section is people complaining about the neck
By Anonymous
how the hell many people think this armor is dlc
By Anonymous
Faraam torso and helm, Dragonslayer leggings and gauntlets. Fresh to death and classy as *****.
By Anonymous
Faraam helmet, undead legion torso, Havel's gauntlets and winged knight pants. Fashion
By Anonymous
No. Thats trash.
By Anonymous
Is it technically breast plate?
By Anonymous
I don't know about technically, but yes it is. Maybe the jacket is a buff coat, worn in place of chainmail.
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