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Anyone Willing to give an extra set of this Armor?
for Xbox I mean
Sexy as always but I think it works better with silver or elite knight leggings than just the pants.
I have 10 VIT, and 5 more from the Prisoner's Chain. With the Havel's Ring, using by build (AGS, offhand Rapier + Caestus), I have exactly 69.9% Weight rating with the highest poise possible for me (no DLC). This provides a niche use for this armour for me, hopefully others can benefit from this knowledge. Rings: Havel's, Leo's, Wolf's +1, and Prisoner's Chain.
You can go up to 70.0 and still fast roll
the joke is there is not a single evidence that Faraam is the NK. Only fanfiction. It's even completly bs if we accept the fact that not even the people in Lordran remember his name anymore or his most loyal servant. In his own home land! But hey, why listen to the voice of reason here, right?
and where is the "Gwyn-" part in the name of Faraam, kids? Wake up already...
Filianore doesn't have a "Gwyn" in her name
This is Dark Souls. All of us threw reason to the wind the moment we left the coffin...
i love this armor but it looks weird without the broad shoulders your character has in ds2, also why does it have to reveal your character’s neck? i don’t want to know that there’s a human under that armor, just let me believe i am the faraam armor set


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Switch helmet
Same problem with the Black Knight armor set, you can see the neck. Throws me off so bad.
Hey guys can someone Trade with me for that becouse i cannot defeat dancer platform ps4 write down what do you want
I want a dancer soul in exchange
Give me a dancer's soul im exchange and its a deal
to the two other anons, you cant drop boss souls, but you can drop weapons from the boss's soul
They took his GIRL. Now he'll take their SOULS