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I had collect all 11 estus shard but my trophy till not show up :'(

Hi! You must get the flasks to +10 to get the achievement
I often wonder what estus tastes like. Fans say Sunny D but I doubt it! Lol!

I remember from an old Doctor Who episode that Estus had something to do with warmth and stimulated rejuvenation...also it was very sweet like honey or something. It's the Tom Baker episode where he runs into the Sisterhood of the Sacred Flame and some evil time lord. I could also be confused for I haven't seen it in YEARS! Lol!
I feel like it would taste burnt, but good. Like someone burnt something on the grill but it still tastes good. Also if you're not undead since it's pretty much fire it would definitely kill you I feel. Lol
i was just wondering if you receive more estus flasks or less depending on the starting class you pick
Nope, Estus isn't affected by class
What is the starting number of estrus flasks? I'm at 4 after defeating the first boss. I read I should have 5(?).
4, (3 Estus Flasks + 1 Ashen Estus Flask (Starting amount)) you missed one in High Wall of Lothric. Located near the Cell Key to free Greirat.
Also one in the room with the cell key.
There is an estus shard under the burning tree in the undead settlement
i was wondering what the maximum amount of estus flasks possible to obtain in the game even through new game cycles is?
Still 15! Just like in Dark Souls 2, picking up more estus flask shards will do nothing for you once you're at 15 flasks
You can get 15 flasks total. In Dark Souls 2 the max was 12 btw.
Me and several of my jolly cooperators have noticed an effect where we have used up all our estus, and after a couple of kills (PVE) an estus flask refills. It is currently unknown what the parameters for this refill are or if it is possible to recover more than one estus flask.
It is also worth noting that we have only seen this happen whilst we are on zero estus. Unsure if this is one of the unknown parameters for an estus to be recovered.


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I've noticed the same thing. I can't comment on it only happening with no Estus, as I'm fairly sure I dropped to three, and the next time I checked I was back on four. Could be based off number of enemies slain or on the base Toughness of the Enemy. The Executioner near the Castle Stairway seems to replenish mine. PErhaps defeating a tough enemy while taking no damage?
I'm not sure if i'm the only one as i thought it was a glitch. But often i'll use my last flask then kill some baddies and i have more in my estus. It really saved me fighting the abyss watchers.
This happend to me a couple of times now.
if its like all the other soul game you get one more charge for ppl rating your warning message.
You now get healed for an amount. Its handled like in Bloodborne
I dont remember what happened in dark souls 1, but in dark souls 2 it just heals you for a rating
The refils are from killing enimies, there is some unseen bar, different enimies give different amounts, when the bar is full you get an charge in both flasks
Might be true, but definitely doesn't explain it fully, since you still get random refills while playing purely offline.